Your comprehensive projector buying guide

Business communication has changed a lot since the invention of projectors. Projectors and projector screens are some of the notable ICT equipment that have changed how training is conducted in the corporate world. Long gone are the times people used to listen to boring speeches without the aid pictorial information. But with projectors, presentation applications have made it simple to present statistical data using graphs and charts to your audience. Below is a comprehensive projector buying guide just for you.

Projectors, just like cars, come with different specifications and functional capabilities. With several projector models flooding the Kenya market, it is wise to consult to the following projector buying guide before making your purchase decision.

The projector buying guide

This is what you should know when considering buying a good projector in Kenya
Number of Lumens
Projector lumens affect how bright a projected image will appear on the screen. That is why a 5000 lumens projector will produce a brighter image than a 2500 lumens projector. However, the amount of lighting in your boardroom or presentation room can still determine which projector to buy. This is because a brightly lit room will require a higher lumens projector while and vice versa. So, if your work place is well lit from natural light, then a mid range projector should work just fine.


An easy to carry projector is definitely a key consideration especially if you travel a lot. Sales and personal development trainers will find a portable projector a must buy to reduce their travel costs. Even though portability in desirable to freelance consultants, a very portable projector can be stolen easily. However, projector portability should not be a critical factor if you intend to mount it in a designated room, say, in your boardroom. Projectors have become a basic equipment of communication that you must find in a serious corporate organization. Another point to note is that small size projectors tend to be less powerful.

Connection ports

The older generation projectors connected to the computers from the VGA port. They also had the composite port. But with changes in technology, modern projectors come with HDMI ports. If you are in the ICT industry, you will realize that nowadays clients are buying HDMI cables as opposed to VGA cables. Additionally, some projectors come with USB ports to allow for content input. You should check to see if your projector allows for use with current technology.

The Projector Models

There exist several known projector models in the market. The common projector models include Sony, BenQ, Epson etc. Each projector model comes with its unique selling point. This could be lamp life, silent operation, and green technology among others. We believe that all genuinely branded projectors offer almost the service. Even though the less known brands tend to retail at lower prices, we advise our clients to stick to well known projector brands. We do not encourage clients to buy the cheapest brands in the market. You might buy cheaply but then spend a lot of money on regular repair. Brand loyalty can save you a lot of heartache. Bottom line; be sure to buy the original brand not its equivalent.


The recommended manufacturer warranty period is usually one year. The well known projector manufacturers offer a warranty period of two years others three years. Most of these electronic equipment come sealed in a box. Clients are advised not to purchase items whose packaging material is broken. A broken seal means warranty terms become null and void. You should not accept a deal which does not guarantees you the standard manufacturer warranty period. On top of that, it is advisable to purchase from reputable vendors with reseller authorization certificates.

Projector hiring dilemma

Now, it is possible to be in a dilemma of either buying or leasing a projector. Your choice will depend on how often you use the projector and whether you travel a lot with the same projector. If you depend on the projector to do a lot of in-house presentations, then purchasing your own will be economical. However, if you move a lot and require the services of a projector during your travels then you have the choice of purchasing a small portable HD projector. You can as well hire one for a reasonable fee. You do the math, the choice is yours!

Back to our projector buying guide; we hope the above projector buying guide will assist you in making the best purchase decision. The guide will help when buying projectors. Should you require further advice about projectors and their specs, then please do not hesitate to contact us here. As a matter of fact, our IT Support specialist will be glad to assist. Contact us for the best payroll software in Kenya.