Automatic gates: sliding vs swing gate operators

Gate operators are devices used for automating gate opening and closing operation. In the world of home security, electric gate opener in Kenya is king. Equally, automatic gates have improved neighborhood security. We have simplified gate automation such that gate operators can easily be fitted on an existing gate without much fabrication. We offer different models for gate automation such as the centurion systems Kenya as well as Proteco.

Clients do not need to pay for a top down overhaul of the existing gate system. In the world of gate automations we have two types of gate systems; swing gates and sliding gates. Both gate types come with efficient remote gate opener solution.

Briefly, we look at the differences between the two gate systems. To start with, sliding gate saves on space requirements. Sliding gates only require a small space to slide through. In fact, the thin space available along the fence area is sufficient enough for gate operation.
Both gate designs can be programmed to allow the use of a wireless transmitter to facilitate gate opening and closing functions.

Automatic gates feature

The automatic sliding gates are cheaper to install. They only require a single operator to function. On the other hand, swinging gates require two operators to be installed on both sides. This installation requirement increases the cost of gate automation.

Sliding gates are generally easy to maintain. Sliding gates operates on a rail track which only requires greasing once in a while. However, swing gates uses hinges on both ends which wear off very fast due to frequent opening and closing operations. Moreover, the swing gate has two gate operator motors which automatically double the cost of maintenance. On the other side, a sliding gate system only has one sliding gate operator.

In terms of security, sliding gates are comparatively safer than swing gates. For instance, an intruder can use force to jut open a swing gate even when the gate operator is on close mode. However, for the sliding gate you cannot force it to open because the termination points are usually hidden from view when it is firmly closed.

The efficient functioning of an automated gate system can be affected by weather conditions such as strong winds and storms. The effect of strong winds is even worse on a swing gate. The wind applies pressure on the swing gate especially during the gate opening operation. As a result, you will be forced to replace the gate hinges every now and again. This situation does not apply to sliding gate automation. Sliding gates are the best choice for home automation.

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