The key benefits of migrating to IP PBX system

ORACO Kenya is a top computer networking company in Kenya. We offer a host of IP PBX system, Telecom and Security solutions in the industry. Unlike other IT service providers, we offer a wide range of IT and security solutions. The IT services cover every aspect of your technology and business requirements.

With technology convergence, it is better to partner with an IT service provider who has capacity to offer end to end solutions. The solutions should be comprehensive yet very customizable. Our goal is to simplify your technology needs while assuring you of value for your investment.

Migrating from public switched telephone network to IP Telephony can be a daunting task. The exercise is known to consume a lot of time and resources. Let alone the business disruption caused by migration to new system. But it does not have to be like that. Our priority is to bring convenience, save your company money and improve efficiency.

IP telephony comes with easy to customize features. For instance, your callers can be entertained with an infotainment message while their calls are on hold. You can also change the on hold music to any song and as many times you like.

Migrating to IP PBX system

Rapid changes in technology can easily render your telephone system outdated. It is important to review your telephony to ensure that it is meeting your business requirement. A comprehensive review every three years does the trick. Our technology review packages are very affordable. Regular technology review will help your company in panning and positioning for future growth and expansion.

Technology has simplified installation of IP PBX systems. Migrating users from the legacy system like PABX to IP PBX system only takes a few hours. Initially, this could take several days or even weeks. We assist companies to migrate from analogue communication to IP telephony. With technology, companies can save telecommunication costs.

Companies today are facing a lot of challenges managing workplace. A lot of companies have shifted from the traditional work place to the modern arrangement. Nowadays, workers can access the intranet from a different location using their own laptops. There is need for collaboration despite the enhanced mobility. Now, the biggest challenge is ensuring a reliable and secure connection.

Companies will reduce their communication costs through unified communications manager and IP Phones. With the IP telephony solution, your employees will be able to do video conferencing, teleconferencing, and instant messaging cost effectively.  All that is required is a reliable internet connection.

Unified communications manager is also very useful in call center operations. This solution comes with enhanced with rich user experience capabilities. When implemented in a call center environment, you can easily record calls from clients. The recordings can be used later to improve on products and service offerings.

Benefits for deploying IP PBX system

The wireless GSM gateway supports SIM cards from any network provider. Actually, you can communicate from your Safaricom line or Telecom direct line. Moreover, there is increased mobility across the work environment. A client will call an extension which will be received from a computer or the IP phone. Also, calls will be forwarded to a Smartphone in the event that the user stepped out of his desk.

Be that as it may, system migration does not require a lot of upfront investment. By using softphone, your company saves a lot in hardware costs. Additionally, there is support for analogue phones. Migration from PABX systems Kenya does not entail overhaul of the entire phone system. The PBX system can still support analogue phones through FXS and FXO modules.

At any rate, the IP telephony environment is highly scalable. In fact, users can be increased or reduced with only a minor adjustment on the infrastructure. As a result, adding an end user to the network only involves configuring a desk phone and patching it on the network.

As a matter of fact, there is transparent phone usage and billing per user. Ultimately, your organization can use the usage reports to reassign resources based on individual user requirements. Then, the finance department will easily budget for communication expenses over a period of time.

The IP Telephony infrastructure

By and large, the whole infrastructure does not have any other point of failure apart from the handset. This means that troubleshooting IP Telephony infrastructure has been made simple and straightforward. Furthermore, business operates as normally even if an extension malfunctioned.

ORACO Kenya is a professional Panasonic PABX dealers in Kenya. We install and support IP PBX systems in Kenya. Contact us here, our IT support specialists will take you through the solution design.