Institutions that harvest a lot of data face big data management challenges. Thanks to technology, we have a powerful electronic document management system that captures, organizes, stores and retrieves information at the touch of a button. The EDMS system Kenya has an efficient inbuilt file indexing system. Hence, key word search and retrieval of information is done within seconds.

Apart from digitization of paper documents, the EDMS software also enhances document security. To ensure information integrity, the documents are marked, time stamped, and versioned to reflect updates and other authorized changes. Furthermore, user rights and access levels serves to limit access to sensitive information within the system. Should be there be need for distribution, the files are shared in a no editable format to preserve information integrity. Additionally, copies of the originally captured information are still available.

Academic institutions, financial institutions, the insurance sector and health providers are the key beneficiaries of the electronic document management system in Kenya.

Benefits of the Document management system

Improved data and information security: Information captured at the point of registration can be authenticated by the use of biometric fingerprint reader. Use of fingerprint readers to identify clients has reduced forgery incidences especially in the insurance and banking sector. This has curbed fraudulent claims through member impersonation. Annually, banking and insurance sector players report huge losses in terms of billions of shillings through forgeries and impersonation. Fortunately, we have just the right solution. Contact us now for free demo EDMS software.

Time saving: Enrolling new students to colleges and universities does not have to be tedious process. Likewise, capturing the details of the new clients does not have to be time consuming. Unfortunately, registration of the new clients usually takes a lot of time especially to manually fill in personal details in the registration form. These impacts negatively on customer experience.  With electronic document management solution, all the information is captured within a twinkle of an eye. Why is this so, because the Integrated Population Registration System in Kenya integrates with our EDMS software. The IPRS system already is populated with data about every citizen in Kenya.

Cost saving: With electronic content management solution, there is no need to print expensive paper forms. That expense can be saved and reallocated to other operational functions. Additionally, there will be no need to acquire a huge as record center to keep physical files. The only space required is one that can accommodate a single computer. With cloud storage, there is no need for a server room. Cloud storage is secure and very affordable.

Collaboration and efficiency at work: The software allows for multi access for different authorized users. The view only access to multiple users enhances team work and collaboration in at an office environment.

Content management and document security

There are several inbuilt techniques for preserving document security. To begin with, each document has an embedded metadata e.g. date modified and the user involved. Secondly, validation processes to ascertain information authenticity is performed at the point of data capture i.e. correct name spellings, and the signature.

And when it comes to distribution, the format for distribution is usually pdf which cannot allow for editing. Also, the content management system has a powerful indexing algorithm that allows for a quick search and retrieval. Lastly, the documents will be updated electronically strictly by authorized personnel. At the time of update, other users with view only rights can be blocked from file access.

ORACO Kenya is a specialist electronic document management system company in Kenya. In fact, our software has open compatibility and will be integrated with other application software or the core system that an organization operates on. Contact us here for a free demo EDMS software.