Features of the PD6500i Walkthrough Metal Detector

Security being a critical issue in society today, we have invested in building capacity with the most reliable and professional security providers in the country. We conducted a small survey to establish what is given priority when it comes to choosing security equipment and devices. Reliability and durability ranked first and second respectively. As a result, we focus on stocking and installing only the most reliable and durable security equipment. Here is a short review of the most innovative walkthrough metal detectors in Kenya today.

Features of the PD6500i walkthrough metal detector

Simple design: ergonomic design for quick setup and operation. PD6500i is designed with a highly visible operator buttons and controls. The metal detector equipment comes with simplified user manual to support learning and administration.

Programming: the metal detector device has over 20 programs to allow for automated adjustment based on client security requirement. PD6500i comes with simplified system upgrade to the latest, more versatile programming. Software upgrades are done from the USB.

Detection technique: has an LED bar display with built in speaker. The design is makes it usable both for indoor and outdoor venues.

Noise cancellation: Ability to cancel infrared interference from non target sources. This enhances the accuracy of the object under surveillance.

Portability: allows for transfer and setup at temporary venues. The detector machine can be moved easily to another venue on short notice. Additionally, detector equipment only takes a few minutes to deploy and setup

Weather resistance: the scanner machine can be deployed under all weather conditions. This is because it is made of materials that can work in rainy conditions, cold weather and even in hot weather conditions.

The handheld metal detector

We deal with a wide range of metal detector equipment. Apart from the walkthrough metal detector equipment, we also have handheld metal detectors. The handheld detector devices can be used for providing security small shops and stores front. However, the walkthrough detector equipment are ideal for deployment in places such as the airports, shopping malls, prisons and stadiums. With superior metal detector equipment, surveillance at key security installations has never been any simpler.

ORACO Kenya has partnered with the renowned manufacturer of handheld and walkthrough metal detectors in the world. We are the super dealers and resellers of the Garret metal detectors in Kenya. Partnerships with well known international players enabled us to build and sustain a successful business. Our main specialty being offering cutting edge telecom and security solutions.

For all-round security surveillance, it is equally important to install IP CCTV cameras. The security cameras will help in capturing activities taking around the area of surveillance. Thus, the security professionals will use the recordings to review their security strategies and adjust where necessary. Moreover, video cameras offer very useful evidence to aid investigations.

Also, electric fence installation is equally an area worth considering. This is because achieving complete security actually involves a combination of several solutions working together.

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