Fire Alarm Systems

Fire accidents have capability of bringing down investments that have taken many years to build. This is why traders and businesses continue to invest in reliable fire alarm systems in Kenya. Whether at retail shop outlet or in mega shopping complex, fire safety and preparedness is important across the board. The fire alarm systems have the ability to detect smoke and fire outbreaks. It is important to install fire systems as a precautionary measure. Furthermore, it is a regulatory requirement for building contractors to have in place smoke and fire detectors strategically installed within buildings.

To begin with, fire extinguishers can do a great job during fire emergencies. Additionally, it is important to have fire assembly points designated for use during emergencies. At the time of construction, making provisions for emergency exits are a must have. These fire safety guidelines apply to both residential and commercial buildings. Fire alert and evacuation procedures are for industrial areas.

In commercial industries, where fire outbreaks have potential to bring about devastating effects, fire drills are supposed to be conducted regularly. At least two employees per organization should be trained in fire safety skills. Basic skills such as using a fire extinguisher, how to break glass, fire evacuation procedures are essential.

The fire alarm components

The fire alarm control panel is the nerve center of the alarm system. It coordinates input and output signals from peripheral devices such as the smoke detectors. So, in the event of fire emergency, the smoke detectors will send the signal to the control panel. The fire alarm panel will send signal to the siren or the sounder. There are those buildings equipped with advanced voice evacuation systems. The alarm panel sends signal to the public address system which alerts all offices within the building of an impending fire emergency.

The power supply unit is the source of electricity for powering up the entire alarm system. The power supply is integrated with backup systems so that alarm system can still work even if there is power blackout. It is important to note that, these power supply units are not shareable. Therefore, CCTV cameras will use a different power supply unit. Likewise, the electric fence energizer will be wired to its own power supply unit. Also, the burglar alarm system has its own power supply. Nonetheless, we still offer different sources for clean energy such as solar power instead of a backup generator.

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