A lot goes through the mind of a client when thinking of installing an effective IP biometric access control systems in Kenya. By and large, key decisions that revolve around the equipment include quality, reliability and user friendliness. No doubt, each and every client is looking for security solution which is long lasting. Additionally, the solution has to be scalable to meet future expansion needs. With all these expectations, ORACO Kenya offers you top quality biometric access control system. Even so, we will do professional installation and assure you of an outstanding customer support.

The modern matrix biometric access control system is IP based. It merges functions of the traditional controller with that of the access device. Thanks to innovation, the unit is available in versions with RFID card reader or fingerprint reader. Even the legacy systems that were purely keypad based are available.

The biometric access control devices can be configured to offer time attendance reports. The HR and payroll department will be able to access reports on how many employees reported in and present for how long. By the same token, establish how many worked overtime and who came in late. This time attendance report has so much value to the HR personnel.

Installing the modern biometric access control system provides your organization with multiple clocking options. For instance, you can opt for the RFID card, the fingerprint reader, keypad or the use of QR reader. The time attendance software can be integrated with company HR and payroll software. Compatibility with most HRMS software is a key requirement by so many organizations.

Apart from door access control systems Kenya, this device offers comprehensive time attendance and employee clock-in all from a single device.

Advantages of the modern design biometric access control system

Flexibility: biometric time attendance device can function as an access control device. Additionally, it has multiple ways to authenticate users, that is, use of fingerprint, RFID card, PIN or password and palm vein.

Scalability: the IP based architecture of the device makes expanding the system very simple. No wiring required for additional modules. The controllers can accommodate as much as 50 biometric access readers.

For companies with multiple branch offices, user enrolment only happens from one location. In other words, there is no need to duplicate enrolment on all the locations. Once a user has been captured into the system, he or she is free to login from any location within the company branch network.

Reliability: there is real time transfer of logs from door controllers to the central server. In the event of internet downtime, the devices use auto push technology to keep the server updated whenever a reliable connection is detected. Apart from Ethernet connection, device connectivity also happens through WiFi and through 3G/4G GSM network connectivity.

Integration with third party hardware and software: open standard interconnectivity allows for ease of integration with third party time attendance software and payroll software. Moreover, it is possible to integrate with third party security hardware such as doorbell intercom system, fire detection system or intruder alarm system.

Simple setup: traditional biometric access control Kenya devices require power supply to power up magnetic lock, exit switch and the reader device. However, the modern setup uses PoE for power. As long as there is PoE switch, there will be no need for complicated wiring and an extra power supply for the magnetic lock and the biometric reader.

Durability: these devices are IP65 certified security gadgets. Technically, they are resistant to dust, and offer reliable service even in extreme weather conditions.

Biometric Time Attendance Reports

Simplified reports; generate useful reports in different formats e.g. excel and PDF formats. The over 200 detailed reports will be customised for specific usage. When generating time attendance reports, filters can be applied to generate more specific report.

Our solutions boast of critical features such as multi input access authentication modes, contactless card access readers and tamper proof credential systems. In fact, we have partnership with the manufacturers of the best quality access control devices in the world. As a matter of fact, contact us today for a wide range of cutting edge security systems. We also install office telephone systems.

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