Quick facts about IP phones and IP PBX systems

IP Telephony is the telecommunication infrastructure of the future. As a matter fact, the time to migrate is now and the future is here. IP PBX systems Kenya integrates essential communication services. The services include extension mobility, IVR, call options, ability to send and receive messages from email client. All these innovative features are geared towards improving team collaboration, reducing communication and travel costs.  With VOIP solution, IP PBX and IP phones in Kenya play a critical role. The IP phones relay voice, data and video communication over internet protocol thus saving cost, enhancing security and improving voice communication quality.

The SIP Clients include:

  1. Mobile phones (smartphones)
  2. IP Phones
  3. Soft phones (communication enabled through hands free headsets)

Benefits of the IP PBX and ip Phones in kenya

Increased mobility: employees from different regions can communicate seamlessly through unified communication solutions such as video chat, instant messaging and voice calls. Unlike the analogue phones, IP Phones come enriched with exciting features and ergonomic user interface to enhance productivity.

Highly cost effective. To begin with, scaling the VOIP Infrastructure is less expensive. Also, no need for fresh wiring of the network. Expanding the network and increasing the number of users only requires the purchase of an SIP client. The installation is a plug and play process.

IVR system

IP Telephony enables you to empower your customers to access self help solutions to their problems. You can also use the same platform to market your products and services to your customers. The IVR system is a cost effective way for introducing a new product to your clients. You can also entertain your callers as they queue for their turns.

Conference call

This features saves on time and commuter expenses. Employees can attend meetings remotely among themselves. This enhances staff collaboration to achieve company objectives. The same can be implemented especially when meeting clients who might be geographically far away.

Recording of calls

IP Telephony solution enables company to automatically record both outgoing and incoming calls. This feature is essential for companies with call center. The call recording features helps to review and resolve customer care issues and improve customer care management standards. A lot of important call information captured in the recording include caller ID, call time and duration among others.

Enhanced security through VPN

VoIP technology have inbuilt security features which protects your voice communication from being hijacked or tapped. The implementation of secure communication is done through VPN trunking, SSH certificates and firewalling. Additionally, VOIP technology gives you secure and rich communication solution for efficient business operation.

Requirements for IP PBX solution

Gateway router. The device supplies your office with internet. Of course, the internet service providers brings as part of internet connectivity package. In fact, the ISP installs a router that enables remote management.

POE Switch. IP phones are through power over Ethernet technology. Nonetheless, these phones come with power cord even though the use of power cables makes the setup messy.

Wireless access points. Wireless access points distribute internet to devices that depend on wireless adapter. For this reason, the use of wifi ensures the office remains uncluttered with cabling running everywhere. Moreover, Telecom clients have the option of using soft phone application as opposed to the physical desk phones. Thus, saving on cost and space requirement for a new setup.

In any case, IP PBX and IP Phones in Kenya still seamlessly work with analogue phone system. We are dealers of Panasonic IP PBX and IP phones in Kenya. Also, we integrate VoIP system with your legacy Panasonic PABX system in Kenya. Then, simplify hr and payroll management here.