Innovations in the telecommunication industry have given companies a reason to migrate from PABX to IP PBX systems. The PABX systems limited communication to voice calls. Moreover, it took a lot of resources to expand the telephone system as the organization grows. But the PBX system has enriched the communication process with exciting IP telephony devices. Apart from the normal voice calls, it is now possible to do video conference calls from a desk phone. Business communications is now cheaper and more reliable with IP PBX systems. ORACO Kenya is a proud installer of Panasonic hybrid PABX and IP PBX.

Indeed, IP PBX systems has simplified office communication. A while back, the only way to make an outside call was through the secretary. In fact, the receptionist had to attend an entire course on front office management. with PBX systems, a caller can reach a specific extension without going through the reception.

The gadgets for IP PBX system are easy to use. For example, the attendant console comes with a functional expansion module. The expansion improves interactivity making the receptionist work fun and enjoyable.
Below, we highlight the key benefits of using IP PBX for business.

Benefits of the IP PBX systems

Seamless recording of calls

The software is setup to record all incoming and outgoing calls. The live recording can be paused and resumed at a later time. Furthermore, the call center software allows you to replay and listen to past calls. This feature enables the call center managers to maintain high level of customer support and sustain the set quality standards.

Queuing of calls

The system enhances user experience through call waiting feature. The software allows you to play soft music as callers wait for their turns on the call queues. Likewise, a company will play advertising messages about new products in the market to pass information to callers on the wait list. The call queuing feature provides a lot of options for customization. However, playing simple instructions for troubleshooting errors and system issues is usually helpful in a customer support environment.

Concurrent calls

Call center management software allows for parallel incoming and outgoing calls to happen all at the same time without degrading call quality. The IP PBX system uses a superior call transfer algorithm to route calls to the next available agent. Through machine learning, the call transfers are normally based on the IVR selection. This improves customer satisfaction since they have been routed to the agent who is a specialist of issue selected on the IVR.

Team collaboration

With the call center software, it is easy to promote team collaboration. Customer support team can call each other’s extension internally to consult and collaborate. This kind of setup improves team work leading to increased call center agent productivity.

Blacklisting spam calls

It is possible to for bots to jam the call waiting list. Therefore, the inbuilt security feature automatically blocks and drops all calls identified as spam. This ensures that call center resources are used efficiently.

Features of the IP PBX system

Since VoIP runs on the internet, you do not need to depend on public switched telephone network to communicate. As long as there is internet connectivity, you can do your local and international calls almost free. This saves your company staff communication costs. Moreover, the total cost of ownership can be lowered by setting up soft phones.

With VoIP you can easily expand your coverage. The VoIP technology allows to increase and decrease number of user as easy as possible. To add a user, all you need to do is just get the IP phone, assign it an IP and plug it on the network. This can be done easily by your internal IT support specialists.
Multimedia communication
Apart from voice communication, VoIP enables you to transfer data and video within the same media. With the traditional setup, data and voice had to be delivered separately. But with VoIP technology, you can do video calls; send messages to your recipient and still do voice calls.
Moreover, IP PBX technology comes with fully enriched IP phones. The phone systems allow for conference calls, call transfer, follow-me among other exciting features.

A standard IP phone comes with a four inch high resolution display. The desk phone is ergonomically for users comfort and finest view. IP phones usually have two ethernet ports to allow for structured cabling and networking the desk phone and the end user computer. Configuration of the desk phone only takes a few minutes. The desk phones can be assigned static IP addresses or the DHCP configuration.

Configuring IP PBX system from a web based setup wizard

Setting up IP PBX on premises or in the cloud is easy and only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, managing the phone system from the web based console is so simple. The IT administrator does not require advanced user training to navigate the management console. Nonetheless, we have well structured user manual with simple illustrations. The user manuals assist in configurations and general administration of the PABX Systems Kenya.

In a virtualized environment, scaling the IP Telephony system is as simple as plug and play. The PBX software comes with an easy to navigate dashboard embedded with various configuration tools. The configuration tools enable the system administrator to create extensions or add phones within seconds. This setup is a perfect plug and play scenario.

Administration of the entire company phone system happens from the web based management console. Hence, the IT administrator can upload and update the firmware for all the IP Phones Kenya from a centralised administration point.
Access to a friendly web user interface
VoIP system provides users with an easy to use graphical user interface on the web. From the web interface, users are able to change phone settings to their own liking e.g. update the voicemail number, blacklist an unwanted caller etc.
The above benefits of VoIP are only but a brief summary. As a matter of fact, VoIP and IP PBX telephony is where the telecommunication world is headed to. Be that as it may, you should talk to us for PABX and IP PBX Systems in Kenya. Talk to us now, and let us design for you the technology of the future.