ORACO Kenya is an authority in the installation of data and voice systems. We are certified installers of structured cabling and networking company in Kenya. The wiring system used is not limited to copper cables. Fiber optic cables also offer a very durable network infrastructure. As a matter of fact, fiber optic cables work a lot better in backbone cabling. Structured cabling determines the period the network infrastructure will last. A network wiring done by experienced network engineers will outlast the users. We have a lot of confidence in the quality of our network cabling systems. Accordingly, we give a 20 year warranty for all the structured cabling works. During the warranty period, we provide free maintenance and fault diagnosis of the network.

More and more companies depend on the internet to perform critical business operations. For example, companies file their monthly returns online. Similarly, institutions of learning require their students to pay fees and register for various courses online. Merchandisers and retail shops have placed their shops online so that their clients can shop from wherever they are. Virtually every sector of the economy depends on the internet. All this point to the need for high speed internet connectivity.

Structured cabling and networking infrastructure designed by ORACO Kenya provide high speed data transfers. We use structured cabling and networking system that offers greater flexibility to customer requirements. Thus, clients have more room to connect more devices to the network.

As a certified network cabling installer, we take into consideration future connectivity needs for our clients. Implementing network redundancy is taken care of at the design stage. By the same token, we ensure that the network wiring is able to support future developments in technology.

The structured cabling and networking design

The starting point is usually a brief site survey of the client office or building. Based on information from the site, we design a solution that best suits the needs of the client. The network solutions engineer will design a drawing of the network layout. The layout specifies the exact location for active devices.

From the drawing, we are able to tell number points required for voice and data. The agreed number of points determines the size of the cable manager and the patch panel. As a matter of fact, a wall mount network cabinet can support a small network with a single patch panel. However, free standing network cabinet are perfect for big data centers with several patch panels. The network cabinet acts as the nerve center of the entire network infrastructure. Any breakdown is traced to the central point. A well organized network cabinet shortens fault diagnosis period.

Our network designs allow for future expansion thus accommodating emerging needs. The planning and execution of the LAN networks conform to the most efficient topology. We ensure that all the routing layout for cable pathways are safe. This is to protect the cabling infrastructure against damage.

The structured cabling and networking infrastructure

The communication infrastructure designed is capable of integrating both data and voice. Additionally, we ensure the infrastructure has the ability to do high speed multimedia communication.

Our strength lies is in the documentation of the works done. We ensure both horizontal wiring and backbone cabling meet the international cabling standards. We also label the network points both at end user point and on the patch panel. This is then documented for future reference.

The network infrastructure efficiency parameters:

The installations are done in accordance with the International Structured Cabling Systems. And the deployment of the network components according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-563-B and ISO standards.

  • Backbone and Horizontal Cabling requirements
  • Wiring closet and the space requirements for UTP and fibre
  • Media considerations such as performance, manufacturer’s warranty and support
  • Cable containment such as cable trunks, ducts, cable trays and containment design
  • Labelling of data and voice outlets, and correct documentation
  • Provisions for ease of maintenance and repair in future

We are a trusted networking company in Kenya. Our clients know us for quality LAN installations. We are proud of the good working relation we have with Siemon. Siemon has a reputation for world class cabling system. As a sign of our commitment for a long lasting network cabling solution. As a professional computer networking company in Nairobi, we extend a ten year warranty to our clients.

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