Wireless internet technology has boosted internet access at restaurants, bar lounges and open recreational areas. No need for complicated network wiring and the time consuming structured cabling works.ORACO Kenya is a professional installer of the cheapest wireless internet in Kenya

With Wi-Fi technology, you purchase the wireless internet devices, configure and deploy. In less than 20 minutes your clients have access to internet from their phones and laptops. In case of weak outdoor signal, we have the range extender device. This device boosts your wireless signal enabling your patrons to enjoy faster and wider internet access.

Wireless routers, wireless access points and range extenders has enabled wireless internet connectivity even to remote areas in Kenya. Every wireless internet provider in Kenya has embraced WiFi technology to serve this niche market effectively.

When thinking about installation of your data and voice cabling infrastructure, you should think long term efficiency. You want an infrastructure that conforms to current technology and can be upgraded easily to new technology. With that in mind, the following are the reasons why you should contract us to do your computer networking:
Network infrastructure design
Before you start doing your network wiring, it is important to have a conceptual design of the network. The design will guide how horizontal and vertical wiring will be done; cable containment designs including provisions for ducts, cable trays. The network design will take care of your present needs as well as giving you room for your future expansion.

wireless internet provider in Kenya

We do network installations according to the international standards – ANSI/TIA/EIA568B. We install a high speed cabling infrastructure capable of integrating voice, data, and video within the same media. To ensure no damage, cables are protected either through conduits, built in ducts or PVC trunks.

Continuous support and maintenance

At the installation stage, we mark cables at both ends. This ensures that you can easily identify the cables from both ends during troubleshooting. All termination outlet points on the faceplate are labelled just as it was done at the patch panel. Marking of the network components greatly helps in debugging and isolating failing segments of the network.

The network Infrastructure audit

Auditing your IT infrastructure is a key step in ensuring that it is conforming to international computer networking standards. Thorough network security audits will also help to establish the weakness point in your network. Armed with complete information, you can then work out a strategy to bring up your IT infrastructure to recommended standards.

Network upgrade

We will upgrade your network to meet your current needs as well as leave room for future growth. For instance, we help to expand your network to accommodate additional active devices. We also help you join several LANs e.g. connecting the head office to branch offices. Also, we will do a complete overhaul of your network from rewiring to replacement and reconfiguration of active devices such as switches, access points etc.

We are the best wireless internet provider in Kenya. You can contact us now for a professional advice on the best PABX or IP PBX System.