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The technological advancement witnessed in the 21st century has made gate automation of processes very simple. Even automatic electric gate openers. Accordingly, routine activities in the manufacturing industries are being automated regularly. A good example is the packaging and sealing of manufactured products. Initially, packaging products into cartons were done by employees. But machines have made the process faster and more accurate. By the same token, automatic gate installers in Kenya bring efficiency to gate operation.

Similarly, if product packaging can be automated to create efficiency in operations, the same can be done to the gate systems. Presently, ORACO Kenya has some of the most experienced teams of automatic gate installers in Kenya. To start with, we specialize in the installation of automatic gate systems for residential areas and industrial zones. As a matter of fact, we design a wide range of systems presenting our clients with different gate automation options.

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In the event of a power blackout, the automatic gate system can continue operating using the solar power or backup battery. Additionally, you have the option of manually operating the automated gate system.

Today, we want to focus more on the swing gate and electric sliding gate Kenya solutions.

The main components of a swing automatic gate kit include:

automatic swing gate
Automatic Swing Gate
  • The electromechanical operator arm
  • The control panel complete with an onboard radio receiver
  • A flasher light kit; helps to signal an emergency
  • Key switch; can be used for manual release of the gate system during an emergency situation such as power blackout
  • The transmitters
  • Safety photocells

Sliding gate automation

Be that as it may, the automatic sliding gate system can be implemented as either chain-driven or rack-driven.

automatic gate opener
Electric Sliding Gate

The main components of the slide gate automation kit include:

  • The gear motor and the control panel complete with the radio receiver
  • A flasher light
  • Safety photocells
  • A rack of at least 4 meters in length
  • Key switch
  • Transmitters

The reliability and versatility nature of the sliding gate automation makes it very popular for industrial and residential use.

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Desirable features of the controller include:

  • LED screen: Has a wide display LED screen to enable programming and device troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction
  • System adjustability: you can easily manage the acceleration speed of the motor
  • Opening angles: adjustable swing circumference
  • Detection: there is high precision in the detection of obstacles along the slide path. This feature helps in managing crash instances
  • Safety: the system an emergency release switch for controlling the gate should there be mechanical failure.

Incidentally, automatic electric gate openers have improved the security situation within neighborhoods. In fact, the automated gate comes with a remote control device that enables you to open and close the gate without touching it.

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Finally, we reiterate that our professional installers are experienced in the installation of various kinds of automatic gates in Kenya. By and large, the electric gate installers in Kenya design solutions ranging from simple installations with fairly simple programming to more sophisticated installations that involve complex programming. Therefore, feel free to contact us today for a custom-made automatic electric gate opener in Kenya.

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