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At ORACO Solutions we supply and install Intercom Phone system for use by schools, hotels and factories in Kenya. The intercom system helps to create an environment where teams coordinate and collaborate easily. Operational success in any industry requires efficient management of operational expenses. Intercom system allows teams to call each other on the telephone extensions for free within the work environment. A VoIP PBX system can be set up to reduce office telephone call expenses. Furthermore, the Intercom Phone system integrates with customer management software to create efficiency and sustain profitability. Without a doubt, any business operator can benefit from telephone communications solutions that guarantee a reduction in operational costs.

Every industry has unique communication requirements. For instance, telecom solution requirements for healthcare institutions will differ from the telephony requirement in a manufacturing concern. The same is true with telephony requirements for the banking and financial services industry. Hence, the hospitality PBX system specifically for the hotel management industry.

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The Hospitality PBX has a unique ability to be integrated with Hotel management software. So, guest booking information can be captured into the hotel software. With the integration, billing reports, occupancy, guest room status, and other hotel services can be accessed from one single interface.

Benefits an Intercom Phone system for Hotels

Deliver exceptional service to the hotel guests

Guests expect outstanding service when they visit a hotel whether for business or pleasure. It is an exceptional service delivered that will sell the hotel establishment to new customers out there. Some of the PBX features that can improve customer service include the one-touch dial feature. Customers can actually use it to call the restaurant to order a meal or call the kitchen to update an order or call the customer care desk for some assistance.

The hotel room extensions should be of high quality fitted with ultra HD audio sound. When a hotel guest speaks on the hotel telephone system, the customer should not strain due to the superb audio clarity.

Intercom Phone system

Improve staff productivity

A lot of the time, staff productivity is boosted by a good work environment. A good work environment can be created through the installation of fantastic tools e.g. the telephony systems. Matrix hospitality PBX comes with awesome productivity-boosting features such as telephone mobility, presence sharing, and a three-way audio conference among other advance call management features.

By way of illustration, the hotel staff can engage in an audio conference to quicken the decision-making process. Still, hotel staff can use the presence feature to pass urgent communication to colleagues leading to shorter turnaround time. Furthermore, hotel staff can use wireless DECT phones to communicate on the go without having to be stationed at one place within the hotel premise. All these features are geared towards enhancing employee responsiveness to customer needs.

Managing telephone cost

Apart from excellent service delivery, Cost management has been known to be a critical success factor. For example, the hotel PBX phone system should have the capability to limit outgoing calls per user. Also, allow integration with a third-party call accounting system such that guests can be billed telephone expenses incurred while using the hotel accommodation services. Guests will be happy to settle the accommodation bills since it can be confirmed as accurate.

Unnecessary expenses can be incurred when a communication infrastructure becomes obsolete. However, Matrix PBX is a future proof investment that allows for easy expansion to accommodate growing telecommunication requirements.

Create more revenue for the business

Hoteliers can have a massive competitive edge by installing a hospitality telephone communication system. The hospitality phone system provides an efficient platform for attracting and retaining customers. As a matter of fact, hotel guests will be presented with a platform for making an inquiry and subsequent booking of hotel facilities without having to be physically present at the premises.

Integration with other input/output services

Apart from being a requirement from the government authorities, safety standards have been put in place to assure hotel guests of safety. Thus, virtually all hotel establishments have a fire alarm system installed. Additionally, the public address system is installed to help during emergency communication situations. Even though the public address system has been used majorly for conference meetings, training sessions, and corporate events.

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An exceptional feature of the Matrix Hospitality PBX system is the ability to be integrated with other building services. Hence, the PABX system will be integrated with the fire alarm system, and public address to help during emergency situations. All these add ons technology help to create more value for the initial investment.

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