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Today, more than ever, people are beginning to appreciate the value of installing IP CCTV Cameras in Kenya. This is because burglary and acts of hooliganism have reduced significantly at premises with good security cameras. Even with these successes, it is still important to consult security experts on the best security cameras.

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We have summarized below the main factors to consider before deciding on your security cameras:

IP CCTV Cameras

The IP camera enables you to view the images being captured in real-time over a local area network connection or through a wide area network infrastructure.

Remote access is probably a key advantage of the installation of an IP surveillance system. As for the analog cameras, you will only be able to view captured images from a monitor or screen which is directly connected to the DVR machine. Additionally, the analog will most definitely be wired using the coaxial cable while the IP cameras can be wired using the Ethernet cable system.

best IP CCTV Cameras in Kenya
IP Dome CCTV camera

Unique features of IP cameras

Crystal clear night vision

The IP cameras lenses come embedded with Sony Starvis sensor that capture colour images even at night. While the analogue cameras can only black and light images at night, the IP cameras will offer crystal clear night vision with colour images.

Better resolution

Most analogue cameras have resolutions maxed at 900TVL. However, the IP cameras can give better resolution even at only 2MP. Furthermore, the industry now has IP cameras with resolution as high as 12MP which is 4000 by 3072 pixels.

Better video compression technology

The physical security industry has seen a lot of advancement in video compression technology over the last few years. H.265 being the most advanced video compression technology can save storage space requirement by almost 50%.

Better technology for high quality videos in low light environment

True WDR 120dB is the technology that assures high quality video recordings even in areas with inconsistent light. What is more, True WDR 120dB combined with Sony Starvis technology will ensure that the video captured has the clarity that can facilitate clear identification of objects under surveillance.

Better elimination of blind spots

Be that as it may, IP cameras generally give a wider field of view. This ensures that blind spots can easily be eliminated by achieving a view of at least 105°. By engaging an experienced CCTV installer, all the recommended surveillance areas can be covered without installing extra CCTV cameras.

The best security cameras resolution

The camera resolution will determine the clarity of the images captured. A higher resolution translates to good quality images and vice versa. The only downside is that high-resolution cameras require a lot of hard disk space. Nonetheless, the storage size can be increased to meet a requirement. For instance, affordable CCTV cloud storage. The resolution of an analog camera can be measured in TV Lines i.e. 720TVL. As the HD or IP cameras, the resolution is measured in megapixels i.e. 3MP.

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Indoor or outdoor deployment

There are different types of security cameras. They are manufactured for equally different surveillance purposes. They include the dome camera, IP bullet cameras Kenya, fisheye camera, and PTZ camera. For instance, IP dome cameras in Kenya will work very well when installed inside a building. As for the bullet camera, it will function effectively when installed on corridors and the general outdoors.

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Wireless or wired installation

Wireless installation can minimize the cost of CCTV installation by a big margin. However, sometimes wireless connections can be unreliable due to frequency interference or an unreliable access point. For a stable and more reliable setup, camera wiring works best. And if you can get the best CCTV installers in Kenya, then you do not need to worry about cables hanging loosely all over the place. We promise to do neat wiring, concealing the cables very neatly inside the conduits.

Feel free to contact us for a customized camera security solution.

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