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Today, IP technology is the standard across the telecom and security industry. Consequently, an IP PBX system and IP door phone intercom system can be installed to run on the same network infrastructure. Also, we have seen the benefits of IP-based solutions where biometric door access control systems and IP doorbell intercom systems have been connected to one central server. Also, both security solutions have been integrated to complete each other.

Benefits of the door phone intercom system

Integration with products from other manufacturers

Traditionally, audio door phone intercom systems have been mainly installed to operate in a hotel environment. Under this setup, the guard station usually installed at the reception will be connected to several receiving stations installed in different hotel rooms. However, for advanced surveillance solutions, audio doorbell intercom systems have been improved to include the capability to capture and store images. Thus, we have video intercom systems with SD cards that can capture and record videos.

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Therefore, there is no need of installing CCTV cameras and IP video door phones separately. This is because video intercom systems now have the ability to transmit audio as well as video data. The wireless doorbell intercom systems are most applicable in residential areas, business premises, or college environments. The video intercom system will enable the security personnel to talk while seeing the visitor at the gate. The security personnel will use a remote entry switch to grant entry to visitors. In case of an incident, the video door phone system will be able to capture and record to the guard master.

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Simplified installation

Installing security solutions that run on IP technology has been simplified. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has made it possible to get power supply on the media that transfers data. Accordingly, there is no need of running separate cabling for power supply and data transfer. In fact, you only need a single Ethernet cable for both power supply and data transfer.

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IP door phone system is highly scalable

Security systems that are based on IP are scalable to infinity. The number of devices that will be installed on the network infrastructure is only limited to your security requirement.  In fact, adding a new door phone on a new is as easy as adding a new IP phone.

Cost-effective system installations

Initially, clients preferred to commission the installation of security solutions to run independently. So you will find CCTV cameras have been installed within the same environment as the video door phone system. Clearly, this kind of duplication made the installations expensive and the costs prohibitive to most clients. Also, the lack of open standards and communication interfaces confined clients under one product supplier. Proprietary systems are known to lock clients to a single manufacturer of surveillance products. This kind of vendor lock-in led automatically made systems expensive. Also, when thinking of upgrading the security systems, this meant that the entire system had to be overhauled.

Open standards have given clients the freedom to choose any product from any reputable manufacturer because compatibility has been taken care of. Due to open standards, it is now possible to integrate video intercom systems with VoIP PBX systems.

Open standards have ensured that security products are compatible across the board. Moreover, scaling the security system has been simplified. Thus, adding new devices to an existing security system is a plug-and-play kind of setup. Check out also electric fence installation in Kenya and solutions.

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