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The millennium business environment is characterized by smarter communications solutions. Even VoIP services amplify unified communications solution. Unified Communications is a technology platform for telephony services consolidation enabling audio and video calls, mobility and messaging to be relayed on the same infrastructure. This is an advanced PBX system for the multinationals in Kenya and other big corporate organizations with multiple offices spread across the globe.

Thus, the IP PBX offer a single platform through which all telephony services can be consolidated. Leading to better call handling features, increased efficiency, and enhanced productivity.

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For instance, all calls directed to an extension will be transferred to the smartphone and can be answered from the cellphone. In so doing an all systems are integrated for workplace collaboration. Hence, the environment built mirrors official workplace experience for remote workers, even when telecommuting.

Benefits of the IP PBX Phone system

Unified communications solution

Modern PBX phone system brings together voice, video and instant chat. Furthermore, the IP PBX enables telephone system users to communicate from various platforms. For example, a user extension can be configured on a physical desktop phone and at the same configuration replicated on the softphone. Still, the same solution can be integrated with the call center software to work as a multichannel communications platform. When modern IP PBX provide such unlimited capability they are referred to as unified communications solution.

VoIP softphone

The VoIP softphone is an application usually developed by the PBX manufacturer to enable telephone users make outbound calls and receive inbound calls using a smartphone instead of a desk phone. The softphone can be installed in a device with Microsoft Windows OS, Android as well as IOS environment. Whether answering a call from a desktop phone or a softphone, the caller experience remain the same.

Besides calling, softphone users can communicate through instant chat, schedule team meetings and even share files between colleagues. What is more, softphone can be used to setup remote working office by simply enabling the remote extension feature.

Easier to setup remote office

Advanced IP PBX allow setting up remote office without much hassle. The modern PBX systems do not require port forwarding to allow remote connectivity. For example, Yeastar PBX usually provides inbuilt domain naming system that protects the remote devices from external attacks. The ability to connect remote IP devices eliminates the need for buying extra PBX for the branch office. With this remote working feature, colleagues can easily continue to collaborate on various projects even when not physically in the same location.

Call center system

Unified communications ensures that all features required by a company to operate effectively can be offered on a single platform. Thus, the call center system has now become part of the IP telephony infrastructure. With the addition of the call center feature, the users can enjoy more advance PBX features. These include an intelligent call queue manager, call agent performance board, the IVR system plus much more.

Inbuilt Video conferencing capability

The age of audio and video convergence means one platform offers both services. Video conferencing has now been integrated into the advanced PBX Phone system. No longer have any need to purchase separately video conferencing equipment. Telephone users can now schedule video conferencing calls using the same telephony infrastructure relied on for audio calls.

Office Mobility

Through the use of VoIP application clients, can still enjoy all the features of a physical desk phone from any location. The only requirement being a smartphone and access to a reliable internet connection. Then, install and configure the recommended VoIP softphone. By enabling the mobility feature on each telephone extensions, never will you miss a call.

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What is more, extension mobility leads to better call handling since the extension number can be set to ring simultaneously on the physical desktop phone as well as the mobile phone. The VoIP application clients ensure that each employee is always connected to the office extension.

PBX Phone System in Kenya


By initiating a peer to peer connection between offices, the employees can collaborate easily. Moreover, there will be no overhead costs as employees will be able to make free calls when reaching their colleagues located many kilometers away.  Still, there will be a sharing of the corporate phonebook such that salespeople and any other staff can get a client’s contacts at the touch of a button.

Multi-location telephone connectivity:

Unified communications solutions have the capability to support multi-location connectivity. In so doing, the companies will save on the cost of communication for the long-distance offices. Employees can enjoy the advantage of the seamless connectivity between head office and branch office. They get to share the main communication trunk e.g. VoIP service trunk, GSM trunk or the E1 line.

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Reduced capital expenditure:  

With IP telephony, the office telephone system will ride on the already installed networking infrastructure. As a matter of fact, the telephony infrastructure uses the local area network meant for networking.

Additionally, the infrastructure will be maintained only once which is cheaper. As opposed to scheduling separate maintenance for voice and data networks which is expensive. Thus, reducing the cost of maintaining the overall infrastructure.

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Key features of the best Unified Communications Server

  • Support for up to 99 VoIP Trunks
  • Supports up to 64 GSM Trunks
  • Provision for up to 1,200 ISDN T1/E1 PRI Channels on 24 ports
  • Provision for up to 64 ISDN BRI Channels on 32 ports
  • Capacity for up to 2,000 IP phone users, 128 digital phones and 1,296 analog telephone extensions
  • Up to 64 voice mail channels
  • Redundant power supply and CPU card for a dependable performance
  • Rack-mountable

Investing in a unified communications solution will lead to operational efficiency, improved staff productivity, customer satisfaction. As it is, this is the solution of the future where organizations will get an assurance for 100% uptime, interoperability, higher return on investment and increased flexibility.

ORACO Kenya is a professional installer of IP PBX systems, IP Phones and a professional Unified Communications Solution integrator in Kenya and the East African Region.

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