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The biggest challenge that organizations are how to eliminate buddy punching cases and irregular overtime incidences. Thus, as professional biometric time attendance management system in Kenya installers, we offer the best solution for you. And the solution lies in installing tamper proof staff attendance management system. Even so, let the employees use staff cards as a means for identification and authentication. This is a form of value addition that ensures that all employees will remember to bring their name tags to work every day.

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Installing the mobile-based clocking system will eliminate payroll errors leading to timely salaries. Still, the time attendance system can be integrated with simplified payroll software Kenya for small businesses to bring about efficiency.

Professional user interface

An intuitive user interface: ease of use and general navigation. A professionally designed attendance device enhances the company’s corporate image. It says something about your values. Tell your clients something about you using the time management system.

Accuracy in fingerprint matching. The speed with which the system matches stored fingerprints is amazing. The comparison algorithm does the work in less than a second.

The biometric time and attendance systems reports

To begin with, the system allows for customizations to accommodate customer needs and requirements. In addition to this, the time attendance device comes with a simple yet comprehensive time management software. At any rate, organizations will be able to generate general periodical attendance reports and even specific and more personalized attendance reports. Even so, download reports for the whole organization, the entire department, and for individual reports.

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Data backup and retrieval

First and foremost, perform regular data backup from a centralized server for the networked biometric attendance devices. As a matter of fact, use the USB drives to perform data backup for standalone biometric time attendance management system.

The beauty of installing the attendance device in a networked environment is that there will be a real-time transfer of reports and backup information. The USB port will be very important especially in the event that local area and wide area network connectivity is interfered with. Now, without a proper network connection manual backup of information and transfer of attendance reports will happen via the USB port.

Enable the two-factor authentication

More importantly, the main strength of the mobile-based time attendance system is the ability to read electronic tags. However, two-factor authentication can be enabled based on and according to company preference.  In such a situation, the employees will get to use the mobile app plus the fingerprint to clock in and clock out.

Time attendance management system benefits

Innovations in the people mobility management systems aim at creating convenience and flexibility for users during attendance marking exercises. Hence the birth of mobile-based identification technologies. Mobile-based authentication technologies are contactless attendance making solutions beneficial to diverse industries. This technology specifically addresses the need to reduce long queues witnessed during change of shift.

Specifically, the portable attendance tracking devices can be beneficial to companies in manufacturing, transport, and logistics, construction, and real estate, education to mention a few.

The mobile-based identification technologies have made attendance marking for the field executives very simple, convenient, and accurate. Contact us today for affordable and reliable portable attendance tracking terminals and solutions. The same applies to door access control systems in Kenya.

biometric staff attendance management

Types of biometric system security authentication technologies in Kenya

The QR code scanner system

Another form of mobile-based authentication technology is the QR code scanner system. With this technology, the employees can make attendance by scanning a QR code. Firstly, users will have to download a Matrix mobile application. Then, users will use the mobile phone camera to scan the QR code and the attendance information will be stored in the mobile app. Later, the phone will send the data to the main attendance system. see; automatic gate opener

Clocking in through Wi-Fi

For a start, a user has to download the Cosec mobile app. Once the app has been installed into a smartphone, the employee will be clocked at the moment the phone detects Wi-Fi connectivity. Similarly, the clocking out automatically happens the moment the user steps out of the Wi-Fi environment. In the event that the Wi-Fi devices are offline, users can access the office by scanning a QR code plastered at the entrance. see also; Wi-Fi IP Phones

The Bluetooth based authentication technology

With Bluetooth technology, users can open a door by simply stepping near the Bluetooth-enabled door access control terminal. This is a very secure authentication method since only the registered mobile phones can be allowed to pair. see; VoIP softphones

The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology

This technology consists of an NFC reader on one end and an NFC card on the other side. In other instances, the card can be in the form of a virtual key. The virtual can be downloaded as a mobile app. Therefore, user authentication happens whenever the smartphone is swapped near the NFC reader. Apart from being contactless access control, it is very secure and does not depend on the line of sight.

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