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Infrastructure development has the benefit of outlasting several generations if scientifically implemented. However, project management requires a lot of investment. Apart from the associated cost, project management can consume a lot of time.

ORACO Kenya can redesign and upgrade your infrastructure to meet the emerging business needs. Local area network infrastructure. Even for the best IP PBX system Kenya. Our success as a project management company in Kenya can be attributed to our keen focus on client requirements.

Key stages in Project Management:

Information gathering
To begin with, a project starts off with information gathering. Are data related to the project are brought together for analysis. The project management officers brainstorm and formulate project deliverables. The ideas gathered at this stage are shared with the representatives of the client. As a matter of fact, the main purpose of information gathering is to identify goals a client is hoping to achieve through project implementation. Our team will then use the information gathered to prepare a proposal. The project proposal captures the identified needs and possible solutions.

Solution Design
The project management officers will begin a solution design after objectives are set. The design process takes into consideration resource availability. The project team comes up with a site plan detailing processes and procedures. For instance, the site plan will show areas where active devices will be fitted. Additionally, the site plan indicates the exact location of the control room or server room. For a data center project, Hardware and Software requirements will be captured. The client receives a copy of the solution design for approval. A tentative implementation schedule is attached for reference.

System Installation and Commissioning

Following the approval from the client, the next phase is project execution. To begin with, the project management team assembles all the resources required to complete the work. A communication channel is established to keep the client updated all through the entire project life. The quality assurance team are usually present at the site to ensure quality standards adhered to all the time.
A copy of the documentation capturing the entire project implementation is presented to the client. A successful site handover means that the project has been delivered according to plan. Also, project success is measured against the objectives set. As a result, the cost and time are taken to completion must be considered.

Monitoring and upgrade

Following a successful site handover, monitoring is obviously the next phase. However, continuous monitoring of the system ensures that areas of weakness are identified early. Ultimately, the engineers will monitor the infrastructure from time to time. Nonetheless, client input still remains key in project success.

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