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Business organizations, as well as government institutions, can enjoy quality remote meetings by installing the Logitech Group Video Conferencing system in Kenya. This technology enables participants to join meetings from anywhere and enjoy the real-life audiovisual experience. A successful video collaboration platform requires easy integration of the audio system. When audio integrate seamlessly with video, any place can be transformed brilliantly into a meeting room.  

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Still, Logitech provides preconfigured video collaboration solutions for specific applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. With the preconfigured package, a buyer gets a mini-computer, a conference camera, device mounting brackets, and a controller.

These pre-configured video collaboration solutions suit different deployment options ranging from small rooms to medium rooms and even large group meeting rooms. The same is true with a cloud-based PBX system.

Key specifications of the Video Collaboration equipment

The Camera

The inbuilt motorized lens with ability to pan, tilt, and zoom with full HD 1080P. The camera allows image zooming up to 10X. Furthermore, the camera offers diverse angles of view, that is, diagonal view, horizontal view, and vertical view.

The Hub

The video conferencing system gets managed from the Hub. The central hub powers all the other components installed. Basically, the hub has at least 4 connection ports to various devices that enable the video conference to work. Hence, you will find a connection port to the camera, another connection port to the speakerphone, and yet another USB connection port to the computer.

The Microphones

Logitech features superior microphones with a pickup range of about 20 ft. furthermore, extension microphones can be installed to boost up the pickup range up to 28 ft. thus, even when it appears the conference room to be full, every person’s voice will be heard.

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Remote controller device

The remote controller device gives the conference organizer the ability for administration from a distance. That is, with the remote control users can control the direction camera focuses on, increase or reduce the volume for the speakerphone, and the general call control. Still being able to press to answer a call and end the call.

Full duplex Speakerphone

Features an LCD screen that displays caller ID, duration of the call. The speakerphone mostly used to answer calls, manage to increase/decrease the volume and camera control. In terms of performance, manufactured with inbuilt noise reduction and echo cancellation technology giving a full-duplex performance.

Mounting brackets

The package includes a multi-purpose mounting bracket that can be used for wall mounting as well as tabletop installation. Nonetheless, the camera and the speakerphone all have a Kensington security slot.

Why you need Logitech Group video conferencing

Increased flexibility

Logitech group’s capacity can be extended by the use of expansion Mics. Thus, in a meeting room with as many as 20 people, each and every person’s voice will still be heard loud and clear. Connecting the expansion Mics conforms to the plug and play setup.

User convenience

User comfort is at the heart of Logitech’s device designs. For instance, the remote control device allows users to increase or reduce speaker volume, change the direction faced by the camera. Most importantly, conference participants can answer and end calls from the convenience of their seats.

Plug and play Installation

Deploying the Group conference system has been simplified in a big way through the USB plug and play setup. In fact, all the peripheral devices get connected through the USB cable to a USB port. Additionally, the conference system allows Bluetooth connectivity for a wireless setup.

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Logitech ensures that the video conferencing equipment receives regular firmware upgrades leading to better user experience and improved system security.

Cross platform compatibility

Compatibility with all major conferencing applications including Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams application, Zoom, Google Meet among others.

Contact us now for all your video collaboration needs. We will customize Logitech video conferencing solutions to meet any requirement whether a small room or a large room.

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