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Today we talk about simple tips for servicing your CCTV security cameras in Kenya.

Setting up your home or office security surveillance system is usually a long-term undertaking. Best practice requires that you service your CCTV system regularly, usually twice a year. Regular servicing and maintenance will save you the hassle of reworking the entire system afresh. As ORACO Kenya, we have built our business as professional installers of IP CCTV cameras. And below we have highlighted some of the key CCTV system components that require regular servicing:

Servicing the CCTV Security Cameras

The DVR is the nerve center of the whole surveillance system. And as such, it requires a lot of care during servicing. The obvious starting point would be to dust it off.  Dust is likely to settle on the DVR if it has been in the same position for a long time. The dust might clog the BNC connectors thus interfering with the quality of the signal received.

Another area that deserves careful scrutiny is the DVR settings. In-house technicians are known to interfere with the DVR settings. When they are unable to undo certain settings, they usually reverse the entire DVR settings back to factory default.

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For security reasons, you should not allow your DVR to operate on factory default settings. When operating on the factory default setting, the DVR and the entire CCTV surveillance system is open to attacks from hackers. So as part of the servicing exercise, you should ensure that the DVR has the recommended settings. Moreover, the selected port forwarding IP addresses and port numbers are secure.

The Hard disk

The hard disk is where images, sound, and video recordings from security cameras are stored. It is advisable to regularly check the status of the hard disk, whether recording or full. Most people prefer to set the DVR to override state. This means that older recordings will be deleted to create space for fresh captures. In rare occurrences, the surveillance hard disk might freeze. A hard disk in a frozen state cannot capture recordings. Disk error is a sign of a frozen hard disk. Before you format the surveillance, it is advisable to create a backup.

The power supply unit

The power supply, as the name suggests, supplies power to the CCTV surveillance system. A faulty power supply unit might cause damage to the entire CCTV security system. A good power supply unit works well with a backup battery or UPS. This is because the backup battery protects the CCTV system from power surges.

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Another obvious benefit of a UPS is the ability to continue supporting the CCTV surveillance system even when there is a power blackout. You can check to see if the backup battery is not leaking and can still work in case of a power blackout. If there is leakage from the roof near the CCTV cabinet or cage, you should seal it immediately. Likewise, you can relocate the equipment to the safer corner of the house.

The CCTV security cameras

Security cameras also require servicing once in a while. Obviously, the starting point is usually the removal of dust from the outer casing. If a lot of dust settles around the lens area, camera vision is severely impaired. You can also replace the acrylic glass if it is broken. These simple and minor repairs can save a lot of money.

cctv security cameras
IP CCTV cameras

CCTV system wring

Regularly check if the CCTV cameras’ wiring is alright especially when the signal from certain security cameras disappears and reappears. The lost signal from a security camera is usually a sign of a weak connection from the power jacks or the BNC connectors. Sometimes the connectors might be getting rusty and this also can lead to signal loss. If the place is rat-infested, you should find a way of eliminating rats because they are a danger to the cables.

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We believe that the above tips for servicing and maintaining your CCTV security cameras are adequate for the novice. Simple CCTV maintenance exercises can easily be done at home without involving skilled CCTV technicians.

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At ORACO Kenya, we also offer flexible CCTV security camera repair and services in Kenya. So instead of overhauling the whole system every four years, servicing will ensure that your CCTV system lasts longer. Contact us today and save yourself the headache of frequent system breakdown.

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