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A VoIP PBX Phone system is a telephony infrastructure that runs on the IP network to deliver crystal clear voice and video communication. A VoIP PBX enables clients to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls using a SIP trunk through the internet. While an ordinary PBX system only relies on the GSM gateway for calling. Whether small or big, organizations can use amazing VoIP features to deliver outstanding customer experience through increased call handling capability delivered through a SIP trunk.

As a matter of fact, small businesses with a tight budget can make great use of technology to cost-effectively offer personalized solutions to clients. Installing the IP PBX system is the main requirement. Call us today for all your VoIP PBX phone system solutions in Kenya.

How a business handles customers determines how big it can grow. When in fact, customer service has become so important that it literally determines the revenues reported at the end of each financial year. When it comes to first-class customer experience, technology continues to be used as leverage. With VoIP technology, smaller companies can still compete with the big business enterprises with a larger customer support team.

VoIP technology has brought so much efficiency running a call center system setup. To begin with, call center agents can use VoIP software for calling instead of the physical desktop phones. Also, the IVR system can be used to manage the call queues. Still, with a reliable SIP trunk provider, the callers can be served faster due the multiple calling channels.

The VoIP PBX Phone system features  

The Digital Receptionist

Also known as the auto-attendant extension has really helped organizations in boosting efficiency. Implemented as an IVR system, it ensures that company customer support resources are available to the clients at all times, every day. Apart from standardized service delivery, there will be lots of cost savings in terms of human resource compensation.

Once the digital assistant is enabled, the company can get assistance even past official work hours and on weekends. So this is what happens, as soon as a call is received, the caller will be prompted to follow simple prompts in order to get assistance. This VoIP feature does not require the actual involvement of a human because the entire customer interaction will be fully automated.

VoIP PBX Phone System Installer in Kenya

Call Queuing Service

This feature becomes very important in ensuring that no call is dropped because an extension has been found busy. On the contrary, the phone system will scroll through the list of extensions and forward the caller to an available telephone. If a caller finds the telephone extension busy, he will be automatically placed in a call queuing system that runs on a first come first serve basis.

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VoIP softphone application

There is a chance to achieve mobility at work with the VoIP mobility feature. VoIP softphone app is a great communication feature for remote workers and those on the move. Thus, the softphone application enables users to receive work calls from personal smartphones. Additionally, the softphones enable users to make VoIP calls from wherever they are as long as there is an internet connection.

Integration with Customer Relationship Management Software

Key business functions continue to be automated to create efficiency and responsiveness to meet customer needs. Hence, most organizations have installed CRM applications. This will help bring order and efficiency in the manner in which customer data is collected and stored.

A good PBX system should have the capacity to integrate with business productivity applications. With CRM integration, call agents can benefit from exciting call handling features like click-to-call. This enables an organization to reach a client without having to keep dialing afresh the same number all over again. Moreover, the call center system agent will not be forced to manually input call details for all caller details will be automatically captured by the CRM system.

Call Recording

VoIP PBX phone systems come with an inbuilt capability to record all the calls made plus those received. Therefore, the recorded calls can be stored with internal storage hard disks. Also, other external storage options are available including network storage, cloud storage, and the use of external hard disks. And Cloud PBX supports the same capability.

The recorded calls will serve an important purpose in a business setup. Firstly, organizations can use the call recording feature to improve customer experience by regularly evaluating how customer support interacts with clients. Secondly, the call recording feature can be used as a business intelligence tool to help gather critical information about a solution that clients are looking for.

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Be that as it may, you can offer your customers an unmatched caller experience. We install a call center solution, digital receptionist, by leveraging on some of the most innovative VOIP features. We are a licensed structured cabling and networking installer in Kenya by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

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