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Best Office Telephones in Kenya

As communication technology gets better, organizations are looking for the most efficient and reliable IP Desktop phones and the best PBX System in Kenya. For one thing, the market today is looking for high quality, affordable and easy to use video conferencing solutions. What is more, the solution should be highly scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organizations. When in fact, VoIP Desktop Phones are known for outstanding performance.

However, conventional video conferencing solutions sometimes tend to be price prohibitive and inflexible to new business requirements. Furthermore, scaling the solution is usually a problem leading to further expenditure.

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Hence, the IP Desktop Phones, by way of example, the Yealink T49G VoIP Desktop Phone have become popular. Even wireless DECT phones have become popular because of the need for enhanced mobility. As a matter of fact, the Yealink T49G VoIP Desktop Phone is a revolutionary IP phone designed for video collaboration. More importantly, the phone design enhances the user experience by incorporating an adjustable camera to fit user angle of vision.

Best IP Desktop Phones in Kenya

Features of the enterprise IP Desktop Phones

  • Camera: HD front camera with 1080p resolution
  • Voice quality: full duplex Optima HD voice
  • Stand: ergonomic design
  • Screen: 8 inch LCD touch screen
  • Conferencing parties: support for up to five audio/video conferencing extensions
  • Media and connectivity ports: HDMI, USB, Ethernet port
  • Wireless technology: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Configuration: 16 SIP accounts

Hands-free accessory for the VoIP Phones

  • Ultra-modern microphone with noise cancellation
  • Ergonomic earpiece design for whole day comfort
  • Over the head upholstery for intensive use
  • Easy to wear featherweight ear cushions
  • Wideband audio receiver

What VoIP Phones package delivers  

  • Get to enjoy HD class communication capabilities. The Video Conferencing Phone offers stable audio communication complete with 1080p video resolution.
  • Concurrent audio and video conferencing for multiple branch offices. Up to 8 branch offices will be able to participate in the conferencing enjoying a near face to the face communication experience
  • Simple setup and installation to open compatibility with telephony equipment from major IT equipment vendors. No additional licensing fee requirements for cross-platform interconnectivity.

Thanks to technological advancement, today we have high quality and easy to use video conferencing solution. Moreover, the solution is very affordable even to small and medium-size companies. Additionally, the VoIP Video Conferencing Phone can be deployed comfortably with other IP based telephony devices from mainstream telecom equipment vendors.

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Apart from providing cutting edge video conferencing solutions, ORACO Kenya is also a dealer of PBX office phone system and distributor of IP Desktop Phones in Kenya.

Contact us today for an end to end telephony solution.

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