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As ORACO Kenya, outstanding customer service is at the center of our business success. First and foremost, we never renege on our promise to our clients. Additionally, all the team players work according to the core values of Innovation, Speed, and Trust. The core values inform how we treat our clients, how we provide after-sales support and this informs our organizational culture.

Below is how we handle all the Telecom and Security solutions

Pre-sale Consultancy and design

Our business has a strong focus on client satisfaction. We always strive to deliver solutions according to client requirements. Accordingly, as soon as we are in contract, we shall assign IT support to assist in solution design. Consultancy and solution design holds the key to a client-centered solution. The solutions range from the modern office telephone systems, IP PBX system, and PABX systems to biometric staff attendance management system. We also offer excellent application control and malware protection through innovative network firewall solutions, the Sophos Firewall. Our specialist engineers use modern design techniques that ensure that the proposed solution is highly scalable, efficient and robust yet offers room for redundancy. The engineer will capture in details all the project deliverables following a comprehensive site survey.

Ordering and delivery

Following a successful post-sale meeting, our engineer will come up with a comprehensive bill of materials report. Bill of materials, sometimes known as the bill of quantities, lists specific equipment required for the project and units per item. The logistics officer will organize for delivery of the materials to the site as agreed by the project management team. Meanwhile, site preparation will be done pending the delivery of materials.

Installation and commissioning

Delivery of materials to the site sets the stage for the beginning of the works. Our technicians under the supervision of an experienced project manager will commence works. Moreover, The team will strive to deliver the project within the agreed schedule. Upon complete installation, we will provide mandatory training for the key representatives of the client. On complete installation, a project completion certificate will be signed by the project manager and the client representative.

Warranty and after sales support

We understand the critical role warranty and after sales support service plays in sustaining a strong business relationship. Apart from the standard manufacturer warranty, we provide our own after sales support service to enhance continuity. Also, ORACO Kenya does this efficiently due to our partnerships with reliable manufacturers and stockists of genuine parts.

Preventive maintenance

We appreciate the importance of preventive maintenance. Basically, this service ensures that our clients reap maximum benefit from the investment. To this end, we have a team of factory trained engineers to facilitate regular and schedule preventive maintenance exercise. Above all, our project management team and engineers usually undergo competence training and refresher courses. This is to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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