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Premier payroll software is a Kenyan system customized to fit the Kenyan work environment. It is a popular HR and payroll software in Kenya among small and medium-sized businesses. This is because, its very simple to use, very light on the computer, and very affordable. Our payroll system software costs KES 150,000 only. The one time payment caters for the license, initial system setup and user training. As a matter of fact, contact us today for a 60-day free trial version of the payroll system software in Kenya.

We continue to receive very positive feedback from our clients because the payroll system can be customized to suit specific organizational needs. Hence, the payroll management system is being used by different businesses cross-cutting various sectors of the economy.

payroll software in Kenya

Gone are the days when salary processing was a tiring and boring task. Accountants dreaded month-end processing because of the inefficient tools they used. Today, the Premier payroll software fully automates salary processing making the duty fun and fulfilling. We have included a list of banks and their codes to facilitate salary processing. No need for the payroll to manually enter the codes whenever they want to process the monthly payments.

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Premier payroll software in Kenya is light on computer resources; easy to learn and use. Its simplicity makes it the most popular payroll software among payroll accountants and tax consultants.

Features of the Best HR Software

Electronic payments and electronic Payslips

Premier software interfaces with several banks enabling electronic salary payments i.e. EFT and RTGS. The system produces professionally designed payslips. The payslips can further be customized to reflect company corporate colors and themes. The payslips can be printed or sent to the employees via email.

Employee details and categories

With Premier payroll software, the HR department can capture critical information about the employees. The details include official names, date of birth, contacts, and the next of kin. Other details captured include the date of employment, list dependants, academic qualifications, etc.

Secondly, the payroll software has made it easy to implement the reporting structures as depicted in the organogram. For instance, there are pre-created positions such as CEO, Accountant, Human Resource Manager, Corporate Sales Executives, etc. In the Premier Payroll system, the superuser is able to create employee categories e.g. permanent, contract, or casual. For companies with branches, employees can be assigned across different branch offices or stations. This feature is especially applicable to organizations or retail businesses with branches distributed across the country.

Multi-user environment

Premier payroll system enables efficiency in a multi-user environment. System users can log in from any computer within the network. Unlike other payroll software in Kenya, Premier payroll allows many users to perform tasks concurrently.

There is interconnectivity through the network. All the time attendance machines operate on the interconnected network. As a result, The electronic attendance register from locations A, B, and C can be accessible from one server. There is no need to move from one location to the other collecting attendance information from all the branch offices.

Benefits of an HR and Payroll software in Kenya

The biggest headache that human resources managers face is how to avoid duplication of employee files. Duplicated files create a lot of confusion. This kind of confusion demotivates the HR officers from doing their work effectively. Technically, they spend half of the day searching for the original documents and doing fresh refiling. Moreover, it becomes difficult for HR officers to keep track of staff development without a record of history.

However, you can avoid duplication of data. As a matter of fact, you can use our premier payroll software Kenya to completely eliminate file duplication from your organization. Indeed, it works the best payroll software in Kenya to eliminate duplicate files and restore order to the company. In so doing, everyone concerned, be it the payroll accountant or the HR officer, will have to access the same data. The original data. Because within the payroll software there is only one version of the staff file. And it is the correct version.

When there is order within the organization, productivity improves. The HR officer will no longer be spending countless hours looking for staff files. With the system in place, the company employees can use their professional skills to add value to the company. In fact, the time that would otherwise be spent in employee file authentication would be used productively in achieving company objectives.

With so many companies that offer payroll software in Kenya, it becomes a challenge to get the right deal from a payroll software provider. This is especially true if you are running a small company. Nonetheless, we have innovative payroll software for small businesses. This payroll software is simple to use, light on computer usage, and very affordable, very suitable for small businesses in Kenya.

Employee Time and Attendance management

Keeping track of employee time and attendance can be a nightmare. Premier software has an inbuilt feature for capturing employee attendance.  This feature also ensures fidelity, especially when handling overtime payment allowances.

payroll software for small business company Kenya

Unlimited data capacity

The database capacity is never an issue with the Premier payroll system. Our system has the capacity to accommodate an unlimited number of employees, an unlimited number of companies. The system can run on different operating system platforms e.g. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Statutory deductions

The developers of the Premier payroll system are aware of the statutory requirements. Premier payroll system is compliant with PAYE Kenya and iTax system. Additionally, NHIF new rates and NSSF deductions are inbuilt. This enhances

File compatibility

No doubt that Payroll accountants just love to work with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Premier payroll software enables payroll consultants to download and upload files in excel formats. We understand how file compatibility is important to organizational continuity.

Leave Management

The leave management module provides an easy way to process leave days according to the agreed employment contracts. The system allows you to document when the leave days started, up to the date it ends. And it automatically deducts from the 21 or 30 leave days. Leave balances report is available for the HR personnel.

System Security and Audit trail

Payroll information is sensitive data to any organization. Hence, Premier payroll software ensures that users only access what the user access levels allow. Moreover, users are regularly prompted to update their login passwords every month.

Data security is further enhanced through daily file backup. In Premier payroll, not every user can restore the system. This is a security measure used for keeping data integrity.

The Premier Payroll software in Kenya

With Premier payroll, you can generate various reports. These reports can be used to facilitate strategic or management decisions.

  1. Benefits report e.g. monthly salary, muster payroll report.
  2. Allowances reports e.g. overtime report, house allowance, and vehicle allowance
  3. Employee Time and attendance system report. The HR manager can tell which departments had the highest number of overtime incidences. This report enables you to make a management decision about whether to hire more employees or restructure the entire department.
  4. Employee Leave management report
  5. Loans, salary advance, and other deductions report
  6. Statutory contributions reports e.g. NSSF report, NHIF rates, PAYE report

With the ability to do all the above functions and much more, we are made confident that Premier Payroll software is no doubt one of the best payroll software in Kenya. Above all, ORACO Kenya has a team of highly professional IT Support Specialists.

Users and user categories

The Super Administrator

The supervisor is the system administrator. He has full rights over system use. Basically, he creates other users within the system and assigns them roles and rights. The users created include the personnel manager and the payroll accountant. The person can perform system recovery and even restore the backup. He is also able to edit employee details, modify payroll fields and close the pay period.

The Personnel manager

Basically, the role revolves around managing employee details. He adds new employees to the system. Also, he retires the employees who have left the organization. He also updates the employee leave module, that is, entering the leave days used and the balance carried forward.

The Payroll Accountant

The payroll accountant processes the monthly salaries for all the employees. He updates earnings and benefits according to the employment contract. For instance, some employees are entitled to airtime allowance while others transport allowance. At the same time, he also updates leave allowance, commission earnings, salaries in arrears, etc. He also performs the month-end operation, sends net salary to individual employee bank accounts, and prints payslips or sends via email. He also does other duties as allocated by the supervisor.

System support and maintenance

All things considered, Premier payroll is the payroll software for small businesses in Kenya. Accountants love the payroll software Kenya due to its simplicity and security. As a matter of fact, no advanced training required to start using the best payroll software in Kenya. As part of value addition, an IT support technician will be assigned to each corporate account.

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