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Call center software in KenyaTelephony

Call Center Software

Call Center Software in Kenya A business can improve customer experience and remain competitive by installing the best call center software in Kenya. The call center system comes embedded with …

GSM gateway installer KenyaTelephony

Configure GSM Gateway

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) gateway in Kenya play a pivotal role in modern telecommunication systems. And as technology continues to advance, these devices have become indispensable tools for …

PBX phone systemTelephony

IP PBX Phone System

Modern businesses acknowledges the importance of effective communication as a cornerstone for customer success. Grandstream, a renowned leader in telephony industry, has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions …

VoIP callsTelephony

VoIP Provider In Kenya

VoIP gateway facilitates seamless communication between mobile networks and the wider telephony infrastructure. As an intermediary device, it enables the efficient transmission of voice and messaging services. As a VoIP …


Interactive Voice Response System

Interactive Voice Response Businesses continually automate processes to bring about efficiency and unmatched caller experience. Notably, IP telephony has made it easy to deliver excellent customer experience by using Interactive …

Headphones KenyaTelephony

Logitech Headphones

Logitech is a Swiss multinational electronics company that specializes in computer peripherals and software. It is one of the leading manufacturers of headsets in the world, offering a wide range …

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