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Small and medium-size businesses increasingly outsource to IT support in Kenya. ORACO Kenya is a reliable IT support company in Kenya. Our package includes both onsite and offsite tech support solutions. Our services range from help desk support to hardware and software solutions.

Building a well-equipped help desk support team can be tasking. We manage diverse skills set. Our IT support specialists are accredited for hp support. We help businesses achieve success through technology. The Sophos Firewall professionals form part of the IT support team.  Check Point firewall specialists also form part of the team.
To begin with, it is expensive to maintain a fully fledged IT support department. By and large, the IT support company manages help desk services cost-effectively. Each company brought on board gets an IT support technician.

IT support services in Kenya

IT support services in Kenya

The efficient IT Support Specialist

To begin with, an experienced tech support officer will be assigned to your company. Usually, the technical support engineer is experienced in handling hardware and software support. By and large, the IT support duties are:

  1. To plan and execute regular hardware preventive maintenance. The exercise will also encompass software updates. Good practice requires timely servicing of computer hardware.
  2. To monitor, diagnose and solve identified network issues. The support technician basically performs network administration functions. The technicians work as a team. In any case, technicians escalate tough problems for other team members.
  3. To Install, configure and reconfigure active network devices. Active devices include access points, routers, and network firewalls. To perform at full potential, these devices require software updates.
  4. Conducting user training on the use of ICT equipment, and manage the help desk system. Choosing to work with a single company comes with several benefits. Engaging different companies for technical support might be expensive in the long run. It is advisable to stick with one company for help desk administration as well as user training. This enables clients to enjoy flexible Technical support solutions.

The value added by the IT support company in Kenya

  • Affordable hardware troubleshooting and repair.
  • Installation of application software such as antivirus software. The installation of application software is usually easy and straight forward. However, the critical task is ensuring that the software is serving its intended purpose. That is the work of the technical support specialists. They ensure that the software is clean and updated with the latest patch.
  • Participate in disaster planning and preparedness. Many companies do not treat Disaster planning and preparedness seriously. First and foremost, a budget must be set aside for disaster preparedness. Our IT support technician will be very instrumental in the whole process. Apart from testing and storing system backup, he will offer tech advise.
  • Attend to reported cases of system malfunction or breakdown. In a business setup, resources are usually very limited. When an end user computer breaks down, you can easily assign them other duties as the IT support works on rectifying the anomaly.
  • Advise the client on the latest and the most efficient technology. Thus, your business gains a competitive edge in the market. The ICT support technician will advise on efficient technology.

The benefits from IT Support company in Kenya

Here are the benefits of outsourcing IT support services to us:

  1. Your company will focus on its core business. As a result, more resources are directed to critical functions. For instance, if your company operates in the hospitality industry, it makes sense to hire more chefs and cooks instead of software programmers.
  2. You will gain a competitive edge in the market due to increased staff productivity. With outsourced IT support, you can focus on what you do best as we do the rest.
  3. You are assured of access to specialized IT skills. Actually, we hire and maintain very highly skilled technicians. Experienced hardware support and cyber security engineers make up our team IT support team.
  4. We offer extremely affordable and reliable support services. Actually, every client has unique tech requirements. For this reason, we customize the services to meet individual client needs.
  5. Our company will ensure 99.9% system uptime. We have a 24/7 on-call customer support team. Consequently, our tech support desk is open every day, all the time.
  6. We have a dedicated team of on-demand IT support technicians. We have experienced network support engineers. Our engineers are always on standby and ready to assist.

To outsource IT support services is no different from outsourcing security services. As a matter of fact, nearly all enterprises outsource security operations. Specialization leads to expertise.

Our clients trust us because we are a professional IT support company in Kenya. Accordingly, we are known for consistently providing reliable help desk support solutions. Contact us today for stress-free management of your IT support services in Kenya.

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