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We are leaders in providing surveillance & security systems and CCTV cameras in Kenya. If you are looking for the best CCTV installers in Kenya, you are in the right place.

CCTV installers in Kenya: Why we are your best choice

CCTV installers in Kenya
Our CCTV systems will tremendously improve security in your home or business premise

There are many reasons why you should choose us when you are looking for the best CCTV installers in Kenya. The top reasons include:

  • We have a team of qualified experts.  Our CCTV experts are friendly & will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied; we will exceed your expectations.
  • Our CCTV installation Kenya services are affordable.
  • We also install high-quality door intercom systems. We will install a reliable surveillance system in your home, office or business.

Benefits of having The Best CCTV cameras in Kenya

One of the key benefits of having a surveillance system in your home or business is the peace of mind.  This is because you will always know that your home or place of business is being watched at all times. Other benefits include:

  • Insurance companies offer discounts to locations that have CCTV surveillance systems
  • A surveillance system deters buglers.  When thieves know that they will be on camera, they will be forced to think twice!
  • A CCTV system will help you monitor activities and scenarios
  • A surveillance system will help you keep records as well as gather evidence

CCTV installers in Kenya

Modern day security cameras offer image qualities that rival those used in professional movie production. We install high-quality surveillance systems to capture high-quality images even in a low light environment. You will always have peace of mind knowing that when the unexpected happens, you have verifiable evidence.  Today’s CCTV systems are flexible than ever before.  Here are a few things available in the modern world:

  • Systems with fish-eye lenses. These lenses provide a wide view to ensure that you have comprehensive coverage.
  • Pinhole cameras: These cameras can capture HD images and videos from undetectable, discrete locations.
  • PTZ cameras: These cameras can capture an entire parking lot & they have automatic patrol settings.  They provide up to 30x optical zoom.
  • You can view feeds from your CCTV cameras in Kenya from anywhere in the globe at any time.

The internet makes it possible for you to get crystal clear views of your camera at any time.  You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Your security system will always be a few clicks away.

CCTV installation in Kenya
You can view feeds from your CCTV cameras from any of your devices

How much does it cost to setup CCTV in Kenya?

Conducting site survey remains the best way to determine the actual of CCTV installation cost in Kenya. However, the average installation cost for 8 camera CCTV system in Kenya will come to about Ksh 79,900. This package includes Full HD DVR system, 8 surveillance CCTV cameras plus cabling and other installation accessories. However, the actual installation might reduce or increase depending on the installation terrain. Hence, CCTV installation cost will be lower in town setup in comparison to remote areas.

Gone are the days of black and white CCTV images at night. With the latest CCTV camera technology, we install CCTV cameras in Kenya that produce colored footage even at night. Contact us today for the best CCTV surveillance cameras that guarantees sharp colored images during the day and at night.

CCTV cameras for home and office

Be that as it may, ORACO Kenya is one of the leading security systems company in Kenya. With over 10 years’ experience installing telecom and security solutions, we have extensive knowledge and expertise. Hence, we offer the best quality and the latest camera technology for home and offices all over Kenya.

We have sustained our grip in the industry by offering customized and effective camera installation solutions for home as well as office. By contracting us for cameras installation, you are guaranteed of the professional installation of the security system. Further, we will ensure that you get an excellent maintenance service in addition to a one-year onsite warranty for the CCTV camera system installed.

We have a team of experienced CCTV camera installer technician who will carry out the complete installation in a professional manner. Moreover, our technicians will be able to offer you professional advice on the best CCTV cameras installation.

As you may have realized, at ORACO Kenya we always strive to offer the best service while assuring our clients of reliability and affordability. Actually, when it comes to the cost of CCTV camera installation, we guarantee our clients of the deals in the industry.

As part of the value add service, we will configure the CCTV cameras for your home so that you can monitor your home from your mobile phone. Once correctly configured, the CCTV camera app enables you to view and monitor activities around your office or at home from anywhere.

Apart from wired CCTV cameras, we also install hidden spy cameras. By developing our in house capacity, we have ensured that the cost CCTV installation in Kenya remains low. Our clients know us as the best CCTV cameras suppliers and installers in Kenya.

HD CCTV Cameras installation

Our experienced team of CCTV installers in Kenya will design and install the most suitable CCTV surveillance system for you. Just tell us what you need & we will exceed your expectations.  Give us a call today & we will be very happy to discuss the best options for you. No project is too big or too small for us.

ORACO Kenya is a certified CCTV installer. We also audit security systems and advise on the improvements that can be made. CCTV system audit is important to companies that have an existing security surveillance system in place. Among other things, CCTV audit tests the security strategy and establishes if the objectives are being met or not.

CCTV camera system is principally part of an institution’s overall security strategy. Today, installing security systems is not only a preserve of commercial enterprises. Even residential homes can benefit a lot from CCTV installation. Thus, CCTV installers in Kenya are on very high demand. The installation of CCTV cameras in Kenya has greatly enhanced security in the country. It has helped to reduce instances of burglary and vandalism in homes and at offices.

At ORACO Kenya, we are known for the installations of cutting edge CCTV cameras in Kenya. Since inception, we have successfully executed CCTV installation projects of different scales and magnitudes. We pride ourselves of a team of very experienced CCTV installers Kenya has ever had. Additionally, assure our clients of the peace of mind by extending a 10-year warranty on our systems.

IP CCTV Cameras Installations

The surveillance products range from digital cameras installed with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Also, we have IP dome cameras that are installed with the Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems. An NVR system is the most recent technology. The tech-savvy clients prefer NVR system because of the ability to run on the data network.

ORACO Kenya is proud of the installation projects managed over the years. There is no discrimination based on the scale of the project. Some of the successfully executed CCTV installations are in the retail business. Above all, we have done even large scale CCTV installations in commercial areas such as supermarkets and banks. We have a team of very experienced installers to handle every aspect of your project.

In CCTV installation project management, the starting point is usually a site survey. Here, we visit your premises as the client to establish your security needs. It is during the site survey that we agree on the critical entry and exit points that require surveillance. We will suggest to you the most effective security cameras. Based on the established needs, we might install dome or bullet cameras or even PTZ cameras.

The next step is the solution design. Also, at this point, we map out specific areas that require surveillance cameras. Be that as it may, we will figure out the best route for the wiring signal cables. Hence, the best path is usually one that is the shortest and the most secure from external interference.

When every detail of the project is logically laid out, our CCTV installers in Kenya will do a proper installation. Moreover, we avoid short cuts and deliver a satisfactory job. Trust our project management team to handle project execution through to hand over and commissioning.

Types of CCTV cameras

In any case, we have different types of security cameras in the market. However, the choice of suitable IP CCTV cameras will be determined by the site survey. Thus, it is important therefore to engage the services of certified CCTV installers in Kenya.

    Dome cameras

Indeed, dome cameras work best when installed inside the building. For this reason, these indoor cameras offer good surveillance inside the office space or the shop. When mounted nicely at one corner of your shop, it can adequately sweep almost the entire floor.

    Bullet cameras

Actually, bullet cameras are best suited for outdoor surveillance. What is more, you can easily spot it at the gates of a premise or on the fence. Additionally, the other thing about IP bullet cameras is their ability to capture images that are far. Also, standard bullet camera can do 45 meters and the more powerful ones can do over 60 meters.

    PTZ cameras

As a matter of fact, IP PTZ cameras are these fancy cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom. Still, if you have seen a security camera that does 180º or 360º scanning, then probably it was a PTZ camera. These cameras work best in an open area such as office workspace. It has also been used by cargo clearing firms and in other places that require tight surveillance.

Our CCTV installation services are very affordable. In fact, we do not charge for the site survey. Even so, it does not matter where you are located. Just contact us today, and we shall arrange for a site survey logistics immediately. When we are done, we will advise you on the most effective CCTV security surveillance solution.

Contact us today if you have been looking for the best CCTV supplier company in Kenya. Feel free to fill out the form below or to call us. We will provide a customized security system that meets your needs. We do all-around system installation ranging from automatic gate openers to high-quality electric fence to biometric access control.

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