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Office Telephone Equipment Leasing is no longer a foreign concept in Kenya. In fact, organizations the world over are leasing office equipment for short term use. Office telephone system leasing program works almost the same way. So instead of hiring the computers for a few hours, you can have them for a longer period. Corporate institutions are embracing this arrangement because it is a convenient and cost-effective way of asset acquisition. Even for the best IP PBX phone system in Kenya.

ORACO Kenya is one of the professional office telephone equipment leasing companies in Kenya. We know the challenges that enterprises go face while acquiring office equipment. We want to enable companies, big or small, to acquire business office telephones hassle free. ORACO Kenya provides a flexible office telephone equipment leasing program that grows with your company.

The following are the advantages of Office Telephone Equipment leasing:

Predictable expenses for asset acquisition.

With this office equipment leasing arrangement, your company will make equal installments spaced over an agreed period of time. This will form the basis for resource planning and utilization. No doubt the ability to plan for your cash flow contributes to long term business success.

In fact, an office equipment leasing arrangement enables an organization to make predictable and consistent payments over a period of time. Unpredictable capital expenditure will lead to future deficits. Predictability in expenditure helps the finance team to plan and stick to the budget. This is good for revenue growth and business stability.

Office equipment leasing is practically cheaper

Telephone equipment leasing actually saves you a lot of money. Consider you have 15 employees who require new office telephone extensions. Based on the prevailing market price for business phones or IP desktop phones the total cost of ownership can be prohibitive. In fact, your company might be forced to go for an expensive bank loan.

However, with office equipment leasing option, you can acquire the same office telephone system at a tiny fraction of the amount required. This arrangement enables you to invest your capital in more lucrative investments with better returns instead of holding your money in computers.

Free support for office telephones during the leasing period

Office equipment, just like other machines, might breakdown during use. The good news is that we cover all costs associated with repair and maintenance. In short, there will be no maintenance and support charges during the lease period. We stock adequate replacement for office telephones so that in the event of a breakdown, replacement is done almost instantly.

Sometimes the computer parts that require replacement might not be readily available. In such a situation, we assure you of an immediate replacement of the faulty computer with a new one. Additionally, we will attach an IT support technician to your company. He will assist with IT Support Services. This is because a trained IT Support Specialist is able to troubleshoot computer problems and fix them on the fly.

Disposal of the old office telephone equipment

Managing of electronic waste has become a major headache to small and medium-sized enterprises. Many information technology officers do not know what to do with computers that are no longer in use. Disposal of the old computers is an area which we have a lot of experience in.

As soon as you are signed up for the computer leasing program, we will take care of the logistics associated with the disposal of the old office telephone system. For as long as the office equipment leasing agreement is in force, we will replace any old computer with a new one at no cost. Furthermore, we implement office equipment disposal in accordance with the set of environmental regulations.

As a matter of fact, office equipment leasing enables you to keep up with the latest technology in the industry. Office equipment technology keep changing every day. Keeping abreast with the latest technology can be a challenge to most organizations. If you are not leasing, you will be forced to spend a lot of money when upgrading to the latest technology. The companies that are on office telephone equipment leasing program can do the upgrade at almost no expense.

The office equipment leasing payment deal

We have three distinct payment options namely; quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. The client chooses the payment plan that works best for their company. We know there are companies that prefer to remit their payments monthly. On the other hand, some companies prefer to do quarterly rentals. We cater to clients according to their needs. As a matter of fact, this office telephone system leasing program can be tailored to fit any scenario.

At the end of the lease period, the client returns the computers back to us. Thereafter, we will sell the leased equipment at agreeable market value. ORACO Kenya is here to help your company acquire office telephone system leasing at a reasonable cost. Whichever you route your company takes in asset acquisition; we ensure it is a win for you!

Get your leasing quote today, and let us work out a deal that uniquely fits the needs of your company.

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