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The main tenets of a good document management system are efficiency, affordability, and integrity. The same criteria applied to the best Payroll software. And so is the electronic file management software. The M-Files document management system in Kenya provides all that and much more. M-Files document management system is affordable, secure, and powerful yet simple to learn and use. Therefore, there will be no need for extensive user training during deployment.

M-Files works seamlessly with all third-party applications including Microsoft Office application suite. Export your files in excel formats, save other documents in Word format, download others in PDF format as well as do your PowerPoint presentations. Actually, you will preview all your documents from the Microsoft Office application suite. No limits to what you can achieve with M-Files.

M-Files Document Management System Reseller in Kenya

When it comes to system deployment, the customer is king. You have a choice for premise deployment as well as cloud installation. For on-premise installation, you can designate one computer as the server and all other computers in the group get client access rights. Cloud installations are faster, cheaper, and less complicated. Additionally, Cloud deployment saves you money in terms of having to acquire server hardware and software for installation.

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The biggest advantage of the cloud application is the element of being able to securely access official documents from any place, at any time. Hence, save important business files in a vault in the cloud improving team collaboration. Enable your sales executives to access quotation and invoice documents from any location. Increase efficiency and productivity and turnaround time responding to customer needs within the shortest time possible.

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Salient features of the M-Files Document management system

Security: users have different access levels such that each only has access to only what is permitted. A good instance is the Human Resource workflow and Finance workflow management functions.

Faster query and search: searching for a document to prove evidence of a past transaction can be very frustrating. However, M-Files enables performance searches by different criteria, that is, search by name of the author, by name of the project, by origination date, etc.

Offline processing: even though the system offers real-time processing of transactions, it also supports batch processing. This feature allows for all transactions ran during an unstable network connection to be uploaded once stable network connectivity resumes.

Transactional notifications: in instances that require different approval levels, the notification to the approver is normally sent via email.

Integration with other client database applications: this feature is specifically important for those companies that would like to integrate the document management system with an existing ERP or CRM system.

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Web-based application: apart from the easy to install the desktop application, there is a web-based application depending on client preference.

Document scanning and emailing: during digitization, hard copy documents can be scanned directly into an electronic document management system. Furthermore, a copy of the scanned documents can be sent via email to the originator.

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More Features of the MFiles System

Multiplatform compatibility: M-Files system is compatible for use from any device, whether tablet or iPad. Users can view work files from any device at the office. M-Files can be installed in android OS, iOS as well as Windows OS.

Audit trail: this security feature enables information security officers to trace transactions to specific users. It is a deterrence feature for system abuse.

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The system has an inbuilt capability to protect a document from multiple simultaneous changes. Hence, one person makes the changes to a document and a copy with a timestamp is made available for the rest of the team to view. Other future modifications will be done to the same document and all people who access the document will be able to see it in its updated version.

Why install the M-Files Document Management System

Organized file storage: it is possible to have different versions of the same document scattered among colleagues at the workplace. Install this document management solution and enable your team members to access an updated document from the central place. Avoid the duplicates; only have one original for consistency at work.

Electronic tracking of changes: track every change that happens to a particular file or set of files. View different versions of a file that has been edited. In fact, have an opportunity to roll back unwanted changes to a file to the previously correct version.

Simple user interface: M-Files system has an intuitive user interface that only requires a basic understanding of computers to interact with. In any case, Computers have increasingly been made available to more and more employees in today’s workplace. With an easy to learn interface, the period between setup and installation and the actual companywide rollout is made shorter. Most users will find the interface familiar on the first time log in. Thus, even though there is a simplified user manual, no user will find any need to use it in the first place.

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