Boost sales by sending automated marketing messages to your target audience. Then deliver excellent customer service through the contact call center management system. Call center software is a game changer solution in Kenya. Achieve this through an integrated IP PBX system.

Wow your customers with first-class caller management solution using the Contact Center Solution. The contact call center management system solution is ideal for those companies that require doing several outgoing calls as well as routing multiple incoming calls to various extensions. Basically, integrating ISDN service provides you with as many channels as you would require at a monthly fee pegged on monthly usage. Hence, the more outgoing calls made by your team members the higher the bill and vice versa.

Call center software solution Kenya

Contact call center management system is most popular among companies with large sales force because of the ability to increase the productivity of the employees by unlocking their potential. When a company maximizes employee potential, there is increased revenue growth. Integrated Services Digital Network solution works perfectly in a call center operation. Also, a company with multiple call agents and is looking to monitor agent calls will find this solution attractive.

When the Call center software is configured to a PABX system or IP PBX system, you have access to detailed reports of usage. Be that as it may, an IP PBX system offers more than just call reports. From the PBX system, you can configure IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for your callers, record agent calls to review later, manage user phone extensions.

Our innovative office telephone and intercom system enable you to enjoy free internal calls. Additionally, you can schedule free internal conferencing between extensions. Leverage on efficient communication to improve employee productivity and achieve greater flexibility in resource utilization.

Benefits of Call Center Software

  • Utilize your telecom resources efficiently. Use just one line to connect up to 1000 extensions
  • Configure direct lines for critical services. This enables outgoing calls to be made directly bypassing the reception telephone extension or the console telephone
  • Retrieve periodical reports for every call center agent. Track agent performance. Improve employee productivity through a customized agent monitoring system. The performance management module enables you to monitor activity and performance.
  • Monitor outgoing calls. Control telephone expenses for outbound callers
  • Access reports on telephone usage; reports per extension including call duration, caller ID, etc
  • You have the capability to access as many channels as possible depending on your unique call setup requirements. For instance, when you subscribe to a 30 channel ISDN service, then 30 people can make outbound calls simultaneously. The same is true with a subscription to 60 channel ISDN service
  • The PBX system has an automatic caller identification service. The caller ID module will reveal the telephone number of the caller
  • Configure auto attendant extension for use outside office hours. Also known as a digital receptionist, the auto attendant service will enable you to play a nice marketing message to your callers. Still, you can use it as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to help your customers to access specific services offered by your company.
  • IP telephony is a highly scalable solution. The ISDN solution grows with the needs of your company. For a start, you can use fewer voice channels and scale it bit by bit as the business grows.
  • Here is the opportunity to ride on VoIP technology. Incidentally, voice over IP enables employees to place free calls among themselves as long as there is internet connectivity.

Enjoy call center communication with ISDN service

ISDN service in Kenya is mostly delivered through fibre network. However, sometimes the solution can be delivered through WiMAX radio connectivity. Most Panasonic PABX systems in Kenya support ISDN services, E1, T1 connection. Hence, setup and installation are very fast.

Based on the standard call requirements for an ordinary company, this solution offers the immense capability. As a matter of fact, it is possible to do as many as 150 simultaneous inbound and outbound calls. Moreover, supporting up to 1000 telephone extensions is a no brainer in VoIP PBX system environment.

Contact us here for a complete end to end telephony package. We are known for customized IP PBX system, business IP phones, cloud-based call center software, IVR solution in Kenya.

ORACO Kenya helps you harness the power of IP Telephony by providing IP PBX Systems plus other VoIP solutions that integrate seamlessly with the contact center management system.

Contact us today for the most efficient, reliable and affordable call center solutions Kenya.

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