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IT Security

Disaster Recovery Plan

Organizations all over-rely on technology to run their operations. The benefits of adopting technology to run businesses far outweigh any threat that can be imagined. Operational efficiency, accuracy, convenience, and …

IP video conferencing systems KenyaTelephony

Video Conferencing Systems

First and foremost, technology has broken all the barriers to communication. Unified communication technology has ensured that the PBX system installation supports video conferencing in an IP telephony environment. Hence, …

VoIP Softphone KenyaTelephony

VoIP Softphones

The use of VoIP softphones for telephone communication has become revolutionary in Kenya. Also known as VoIP software in Kenya, the app converts a computer or a smartphone into a …

Grandstream GXV3380 Video Phone KenyaTelephony

Grandstream GXV3380 Video Phone

The Grandstream GXV3380 Video Phone The Grandstream GXV3380 Video Phone is a practical, three-way audio and video conferencing phone ideal for organizations with an international presence. And compatible with any …

GSM deskphone KenyaTelephony

GSM Desktop Phones

There is so much flexibility in the 21st-century workplace. As suppliers of GSM desk phones in Kenya, we ensure that clients can easily setup home office anywhere in the country. …

IT Security

HR Payroll Software

The most desirable qualities of HR Payroll Software are the ease of implementation, usability and affordability. Premier Payroll Software meets all the requirements making it one of the best salaries …

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