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Running a busy restaurant or food court business can be a challenge. The cafeteria management system in Kenya has enabled businesspeople to fully automate restaurant operations. Most suitable for managing food courts in the estates, residential apartments, and student hostels. Through process automation, the system manages menu creation, order processing to receipt of payments. In the same way, the system also has extra modules to manage staff welfare.

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Be that as it may, manual operations have been blamed for creating a lot of mix-up in terms of kitchen inventory management. Also a clear record of meal ordering and receipting of payments. The lack of a system makes everything cumbersome. Thus, medium-size businesses can reap a lot of benefits from automating cafeteria operations.

Benefits of the Cafeteria management system

Increase business efficiency

Customers favor eateries that prepare and deliver orders faster. Increased efficiency can only be achieved through total automation of the order processing procedure. To begin with, as soon as the customers place the order with the waiting staff, the notification hits the kitchen staff immediately. At the same time, the order receipt gets printed for the customer.

Time can be saved by limiting physical movement; serving staff shuffling between the kitchen, cash collection counter, and the customer dining area. All communication is done from the system which interfaces all the operational sections of the restaurant.

Eliminate human errors in transactions

Be that as it may, transactions failing to tally with reported figures are usually associated with human error. At any rate, having done a 10-hour shift, a few transactions here and there can easily be forgotten. This is particularly true if a written account of all transactions was not prepared in advance.

To eliminate human errors, the system captures all the transactions done throughout the day. In doing so, the cash officers have an easy time reconciling daily revenues. Also, the business will be assured of accurate reporting of the daily revenues. In short, the business can be run profitably since all the avenues for revenue loss have been sealed through process automation.  

Integration with value add applications

For a start, the cafeteria system can be integrated with the payroll processing software. The integration helps the business to treat employee expenses professionally by capturing gross income, allowances, deductions and the net income. Likewise, integrate employee fingerprint time and attendance to check lateness and overall staff productivity.

Key features of the system

  • Setup interface: for creating users, menus, inventory items
  • Active Dashboard: displays pending meal orders, special orders of the day
  • Kitchen module: for food and recipes
  • Beverages module: for all manner of drinks including tea and soft drinks
  • Sales module: captures meal orders
  • Inventory and stocking: for procurement and stocking of kitchens supplies
  • Accounting: receive money, make payments, balance sheet
  • Reports: displays various transaction reports e.g. sales reports, stock report
  • Time and attendance integration: keep track of employee performance through meal counts

Get detailed daily and monthly reports

Accurate sales reports, stock reports, and purchase reports are some of the most important tools for running successfully the restaurant business. At the end of the day, the restaurant owner will definitely depend on the aforementioned reports to establish the true financial position of the business. Also, the reports will reveal areas that might lead to revenue loss and hence need special attention.


Above all, all the stated reports plus much more can be downloaded from the system in various formats for better interpretation. Therefore, the general manager and the business owner can make better decisions backed by the reports.

The system brings about efficiency to restaurant management by simplifying menu creation, kitchen orders, sales reports, and kitchen inventory. Additionally, the system has a business analytics feature for tacking consumption. Thus the restaurant owner can tell which type of meal is fast-moving, therefore, stocking more ingredients and food supplies for the most popular meals.  

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