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Modern business phone systems are about enhancing efficiency and creating an environment for effective horizontal and vertical company-wide communication. As a supplier of Yeastar S50 PBX system in Kenya, we supply, install and support the IP PBX system. As it is, your organization can achieve business flexibility, operational efficiency and enjoy a sustained competitive edge.

Yeastar PBX systems are compatible SIP trunks. VoIP Trunks can be categorized based on the number of channels available to the client. the starting package being 8 channel SIP trunk. Then 16 channel SIP trunk, 32 channel SIP trunk. The various packages take care of various customer needs. for example, an 8 channel SIP trunk would be ideal for a call center system with less than 8 call agents. and as the call center grows, so does the organization subscribe to a SIP trunk service with an increased number of channels. As a Business VoIP Trunk provider in Kenya, we ensure that we have various value-added services that go with internet calling.

Yeastar PBX Price in Kenya

Yeastar PBX modelPrice
Yeastar S20 [ 20 users ]KES 40,400
Yeastar S50 [ 50 users ]KES 75,000
Yeastar S100 [ 100 users ]KES 95,500
Yeastar S300 [ 300 users ]KES 195,500
Yeastar P560 [100 call center agents, 200 extension users ] Includes Enterprise Plan call center licenseKES 399,900
Yeastar P570 [300 call center agents, 500 extension users ] includes Ultimate Plan Call center licenseKES 495,500

Efficient communication solutions are about maintaining relevance with the employees, clients, and investors. Therefore, go with the best IP telephony solution and give your stakeholders a reason to support your vision for business success. The modern IP-based telephone systems are about providing businesses with 21st-century communication technologies. In fact, the IP PBX business phone system, Yealink IP phones are designed for performance, durability, and reliability.

Yeastar PBX system in Kenya

Yeastar S50 PBX System supplier in Kenya

Forward-looking organizations are looking at flexibility, shorter turnaround time,s and value for money solutions. And VoIP PBX systems are about all these and much more packaged in a compact system. Simplicity and elegance seem to be the manufacturer’s philosophy. The business office phone is easy to configure, deploy and administer. The biggest test for any business office phone system durability, value for money.

ORACO Kenya is an expert in the business phone installation and support of future-proof VoIP PBX systems, GSM gateways, and VoIP gateways, and call center software. Achieve exceptional performance and reliability by installing the VoIP PBX system.

Migrating IP PBX systems to the VoIP PBX office phone systems creates a competitive edge for organizations to succeed in the global economy. Budgetary constraints should not hold you back, get in touch with us so that we can design for you a cost-effective office phone system enriched with advanced IP telephony features.

And Business VoIP PBX systems are designed to meet every client’s need. We have office PBX phone systems for small companies, medium-sized companies, and even for large corporate organizations. Everyone is taken care of. Below is a brief highlight of the different categories of some of the VoIP PBX systems. 

IP PBX system compatible with SIP trunk

Yeastar S20 PBX

This setup is ideal for small offices with less than twenty employees. Our IP PBX price being the most competitive in the region, Yeastar S20 price Kenya is KES 29,000. The PBX system can optimally accommodate about two GSM gateways. Also, users can enjoy as many as 10 concurrent calls. A startup company with limited capital would benefit from this business phone system. The best advice installs the VoIP PBX office telephone system in Kenya.

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Yeastar S50 PBX

This PBX phone system is ideal for companies with more than twenty employees but up to a maximum of 50 staff. This business phone system is an upgrade to the S20 VoIP PBX system. Here, we can setup up to 50 telephone extensions as well as softphones. Also, the IP PBX system can accommodate up to 8 outgoing caller lines. And, the employees will be able to make 25 concurrent calls. With the Yeastar S50 PBX system, you will notice that the system now has double the capacity.

Yeastar S100 PBX system

The Yeastar S100 PBX system falls under the third category. As a Business VoIP trunk provider, we recommend installation of IP PBX systems for organizations offering professional services. These are rack mount IP PBX appliances ideal for a big business organization with even ambitious telephony requirements. To start with, the system connects over 100 phone extensions and has the ability to support up to 60 concurrent calls.

Be that as it may, this is ideal for organizations with about 200 phone users. This excellent business telephone system will be most ideal in a call center operation.

Features of the Yeastar S50 PBX phone system

Simplified administration using the web-based interface. This means that all configurations are effected from an easy-to-understand graphical user interface. In fact, by using the auto-provisioning configuration console, creating phone extensions only takes a few minutes. As a matter of fact, implementing the SIP-based PBX telephone system is most favored by most system administrators in Kenya.

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Feature-rich call management features. It is no longer about mundane functions such as intercoms and extension transfer. Phone extension users have the ability to perform call transfers, call forwarding, and even initiate three-way audio conferencing among colleagues. Furthermore, it is possible to create caller groups such that certain calls are automatically redirected to a department most suited to address specific client issues.

Multi-vendor interoperability. Yeastar S50 PBX phone system easily works with the IP Phones from major telephony solution providers such as Fanvil, Yealink, Avaya IP, Panasonic phones, and even Cisco phones. After successful configurations ta the PBX system, all else is a plug-and-play scenario.

Extension Mobility. This feature enables your staff to move with the extension wherever he goes. This improves customer experience by ensuring that no client call is missed. By using softphones as a desktop client or smartphone app, remote workers can be reached anywhere at any time from their official telephone extensions. Still, your employees can be able to make and receive business phone calls using Wi-Fi or data networks. This is the power of VoIP protocol. Additionally, softphones are good at enhancing team collaboration and staff productivity.

Setting up the Business telephone systems

Rapid changes in technology can easily render your office telephone systems outdated. It is important to review your telephony to ensure that it is meeting your business requirement. A comprehensive review every three years does the trick. Our technology review packages are very affordable. Regular technology review will help your company in planning and positioning for future growth and expansion.

Technology has simplified the installation of VoIP PBX systems. Install office phones in a matter of minutes. Actually, auto-provisioning phone extension users in an IP PBX system in Kenya only takes a few hours. Initially, this could take several days or even weeks. We assist companies to migrate from analog communication to IP telephony. With technology, companies can save telecommunication costs.

Companies today are facing a lot of challenges in managing the workplace. A lot of companies have shifted from the traditional workplace to the modern arrangement. Nowadays, workers can access the intranet from a different location using their own laptops. There is a need for collaboration despite enhanced mobility. Now, the biggest challenge is ensuring a reliable and secure connection.

The wireless GSM gateway supports SIM cards from any network provider. Actually, you can communicate from your Safaricom line or Telecom direct line. Moreover, there is increased mobility across the work environment. A client will call an extension which will be received from a computer or the IP phone. Also, calls will be forwarded to a Smartphone in the event that the user stepped out of his desk.

Be that as it may, system migration does not require a lot of upfront investment. By using a softphone, your company saves a lot in hardware costs. Additionally, there is support for analog phones.

The Business VoIP Trunk Provider infrastructure

Business SIP Trunk connection is the telecommunication infrastructure of the future. As a matter of fact, the time to migrate is now and the future is here. VoIP PBX business telephone systems in Kenya integrates essential communication services. The services include extension mobility, IVR, call options, ability to send and receive messages from the email client. All these innovative features are geared towards improving team collaboration, reducing communication and travel costs.

With VoIP PBX, the IP PBX business phone system and IP phones in Kenya play a critical role. The IP phones relay voice, data, and video communication over internet protocol thus saving cost, enhancing security, and improving voice communication quality.

Setting up a new IP telephony infrastructure does not entail an overhaul of the entire office telephone system. The PBX system can still support analog phones through FXS and FXO modules.

However, companies will reduce their communication costs through unified communications managers and IP Phones. With the IP telephony solution, your employees will be able to do video conferencing, teleconferencing, and instant messaging cost-effectively.  All that is required is a reliable internet connection.

A unified communications manager is also very useful in call center operations. This solution comes enhanced with rich user experience capabilities. When implemented in a call center environment, you can easily record calls from clients. The recordings can be used later to improve on products and service offerings.

Working in an IP Telephony environment

At any rate, the IP telephony environment is highly scalable. In fact, users can be increased or reduced with only a minor adjustment on the infrastructure. As a result, adding an end-user to the network only involves configuring a desk phone and patching it on the network.

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As a matter of fact, as a professional business SIP trunk provider, we provide transparent phone usage and billing per user. Ultimately, your organization can use the usage reports to reassign resources based on individual user requirements. Then, the finance department will easily budget for communication expenses over a period of time.

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By and large, the VoIP infrastructure does not have any other point of failure apart from the handset. This means that troubleshooting IP Telephony infrastructure has been made simple and straightforward. Furthermore, office phones will operate as normally as possible even if an extension malfunctioned.

ORACO Kenya is a certified business telephone systems installer. Also Business VoIP Trunk provider in Kenya. Contact us now for a cost-effective, reliable, and future-proof Yeastar S50 PBX system.

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