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HRSyspro is a versatile HR Software in Kenya designed and developed for companies and small businesses in Kenya. It can also be used as a payroll software. Its main objective is to computerize and simplify the human resource functions of your organization. What is more, it has payroll management feature for a complete automated salaries processing.

SME HR & Payroll Software Price In Kenya

Size of the CompanyPrice (one time cost)
Number of employees: up to 500KES 81,200
Number of employees: up to 1,000KES 116,000
Number of employees up to 1,500KES 139,200
Number of employees up to 2,500KES 197,200
Additional License KES 23,200
Number of employees: InfiniteKES 249,400

The system provides the management with clear, concise, up-to-date reports that would give an accurate picture of the activities carried out within the organization. This would result in greater efficiency and accuracy in the information processed.

HR Software In Kenya

Human capital is the most important asset in every organization and institution. The process of managing the human capital of the institution should therefore reflect its importance.

The HRMS provides a well-coordinated, serious approach to recruitment, and building competency through training. Indeed, regular appraisals based on sound performance metrics, and commensurate compensation are key aspects to effective management.

Core Modules of the HR Software In Kenya

Organization structure

This module allows system users to define and key in the company’s reporting structure into the system. Thus when one adds a new employee and specifies their job title the system is able to define whom they report to.

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Within the HRSysPro, the Jobs Management module allows for the definition of a job title, job description, department, job group, job requirements, and employment status i.e. permanent, contract, etc.  Departmental heads also define the Key Performance Indicators for the Job so as to guide the performance review process.

The Recruitment Management module

This module has been designed to automate and simplify all the tasks involved in the hiring of employees. Through this module, the hiring managers are able to define and create a job vacancy requisition.  This vacancy can be linked to the company website where job applicants are able to view & apply online for the job. Applicants do this by selecting on their preferred job, entering their details, attaching, and uploading relevant particulars such as their CV. 

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The system will send automatic email responses to job applicants confirming receipt of the job application. Then, the Hiring managers will go through the list of job applicants and shortlist suitable candidates. They can also decide to view a pre-screened list of most-suitable job applicants based on system-defined parameters.

Using the system managers are able to schedule interviews, and email interview dates & time to the shortlisted candidates. Also, this HR Software in Kenya allows managers to email or send bulk SMS text messages to unsuccessful candidates if they so wish. In addition, the system publishes automatically a list of shortlisted candidates and their interview dates, and venue online.   The system also allows managers to enter interview questions into the system as well as key in each candidate’s score. This allows for a candidate ranking report to be extracted.

Employee records management module

This is a core system module. It manages employee data both personal and work-related. Particulars of an employee captured and maintained by the system include full names, ID number, date of birth, staff number, and next of kin among other personal information.

The Employee Management Module allows HR staff to key in vital employee information. This data comprises personal information such as full names, date of birth, employee snapshot. And mandatory information such as the PIN, NHIF, and NSSF number. Employment details are also captured, such as Job title and remuneration information, employment start date, etc. This module also allows for the input of employee dependent information

The module provides Easy and Instant access to employee data. Employee information is available at the click of a button. This takes a matter of seconds such as an urgent need to contact the next of kin.

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Performance review & Appraisal

This module will be a valuable tool for management as they embark to create a meritocracy in the various departments being set-up. The performance review and staff appraisal module allow management to define performance targets for each employee as per the job description.

This HR Software In Kenya will provide an online application form from the Employees Applications in the system. From this function employees will be able to set-up, view, and edit their own applications depending on whether such applications are still open or not. Already closed appraisals cannot be edited.

During the Objective Settings period, employees will create new appraisal requests from the employee portal. (It defines the appraisal type & appraisal period applicable). From this portal, they will enter the various key performance objectives, applicable dates, weights, and comments. The appraisal forms will be consolidated into the annual appraisal schedule.

The Leave Management Module

The employee leave management module offers an effective tool for employees to apply, and supervisor to approve/decline these leave requests. This module allows management to track leave days each employee has taken, and the number of days they are still entitled to.

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The employee logs into the HRMS Employee portal, where they can only access applications that belong to them. This will include viewing details on existing applications, for example, the current status of applications. Includes new, pending, approved, and revoked applications, and the leave balances.

The user can only modify details on new & revoked applications. Otherwise, applications that are undergoing approval or have been fully approved cannot be edited.

The user fills in an online leave application form. The status of the leave application at this point is ‘New’. Providing details on the start, end, and return dates, handover details, and the approval levels that this leave application will go through.

Employee skills and Training

Training is an effective way of ensuring important skills and knowledge is acquired at the workplace. The employee skills and training management module tracks the training courses each employee has undertaken. This module is an important tool for management when carrying out such activities as a skills audit, and evaluating internal candidates for a promotion or fill a given position within the organization. 

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During their course of employment, employees will need to undergo training to equip them with the necessary skills for their duties. These needs will be identified through the appraisal process, promotions, change in job descriptions, or general career development plans. The HRS will be able to integrate these various sources of training needs with the main training module. This allows the wholesome management of employee training processes. Such training can be self-study programs, tutored sessions, online, role modeling, external/internal programs, or attachments.

Employee self-service portal

This module allows employees to access the HR Software in Kenya online self service portal. Employees can perform tasks such as apply for the various types of leave online and receive email alerts immediately their applications are been processed.

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The Employee Self-service Portal is used by the employees ( and generally the rest of the organization beside HR staff) to access various forms. The forms include leave application, appraisal forms, training application form, transport requisition form. The documents available in the portal are only those that belong to the logged-in employee. Thus, the employee portal allows users to access their own employee profile and update, edit particular details.

Time and attendance management module

This module tracks employee work attendance. It is instrumental in tackling cases of lateness in the workplace. Employee punctuality will lead to improved staff morale and better service delivery to clients. This module keeps track of each employee’s reporting and departure time at their place of work as well as their duty roster.

The module allows integration with the biometric time attendance system that captures reporting time and closing time. The information from the device automatically updates into the HRMS system under each employee’s profile. Alerts via email as sent to the supervisor in the event he forgets to input this information, and to management for follow-up.

Alerts and Notifications module

This module allows management to communicate effectively with staff and vise-versa through modern technologies such as email and branded SMS text. The system integrates seamlessly with standard email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail for convenience and ease of use. A good example is that the system has a bulk SMS module that can allow management to send an SMS text to all staff or staff of a given department. This ensures real-time communication in the organization.

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