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Office Intercom System

Efficient communication is at the center of any successful business. Installing this intercom phone system brings about efficiency in passing communication between guests and staff. And as installers of office intercom system in Kenya, we find this solution applicable in hotels, condominiums and rental apartments. Intercom systems generally provide users with secure communications while assuring the customer of endless scalability. With the best intercom system price in Kenya, you can find a good gadget that enables two way communication. Generally, door phones work well in the accommodation and hospitality industry.

intercom system installer in Kenya

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When installed in an apartment, tenants can easily communicate with security at the guard house. Maybe to let in a visitor at the gate or to allow the house assistants to move out of the compound with permission. As an apartment door phone, guard master will be installed at the guard house. The guard master switchboard can reach all the units within the apartment block. Each apartment will be assigned a unique digit that can be sued to call the gate house and back.

Intercom System Price in Kenya

Apartment intercom systemKES 377,700
Master controller unit1
Internal phone receivers24
Gate phone1
CAT6 Ethernet cabling yes
WarrantyOne year
Installation and user trainingyes

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When installed in a hotel, the switchboard will be installed at the receptionist or the customer care desk. Guests in the room can easily reach the receptionist to pass special communication. The hotel guests can order meals from the rooms or even a report challenge e.g. how to switch on hot shower. Still, the same system can be configured so that the hotel staff can use it for back and forth communication. And if need be, potential hotel guests can call the hotel from outside to enquire about services or even to make early bookings.

Intercom System Installation

The society is safer today thanks to the innovative home door phones. These door phone system can be installed in the office, at apartments or in a hotel setting. Specifically, we install apartment doorbell systems in Kenya for hotels, hostels and condos. We give you options of how to communicate with visitors and clients. A customer can choose either video intercom or pure audio doorbell to be installed. In a hotel setup, clients can order service from the comfort of their rooms, and still speak to the visitor at the gate before security lets them in.

door phone system in Kenya

Even so, this year we have brought in new and innovative products from our portfolio of IP door phone system and the access control systems. These devices were designed to provide safety for residential homes and apartments, as well as office buildings. The new generation IP audio door phone system has inbuilt adaptive gain control feature. Technically, this feature enables the doorbell system to automatically adjust speaker volume. And the microphone sensitivity can also be adjusted based on noise levels in the surrounding environment.

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To begin with, the audio door phone comes with a panel complete with a call button and keypad, and normally installed at the gate. And a receiver phone installed in the house. Likewise, the video door phone works in a similar way but with an added advantage of seeing your visitor in addition to hearing the voice.

Types of Intercom Phone system

Audio door phone: the simplest intercom installation is an audio phone. As for the door phone, the doorbell switch is integrated with a desk phone or handset. So whenever a visitor presses the button, the residents will get a notification in the form of a phone call. The gadget allows a visitor to speak to the device.

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Video door phone: it is a more advanced door phone. For instance, it incorporates both video and sound within the same device. Basically, the device mounted at the gate has a video camera. When the visitor rings the bell, the resident will get a notification in the form of a call. As a homeowner, you will see the face of the person at the gate. You are free to speak to the visitors before letting them in. The door phone system is a highly improved home and residential security gadget.

apartment intercom system in kenya

Wired: the wired setup allows for cabling of the entire system. The cabled setup is usually more stable in terms of signal transmission and non-interference. Cabling can be messy if not done by a professional audio door phone in Kenya.

Wireless: The wireless door phone device does not require a cable connection to operate. The device has the inbuilt capability to relay signal wireless manner. It is usually the simplest form of the apartment door phone and the least expensive to install.

Setting up the doorbell System

When a visitor arrives at the door at the gate, he presses a button the unit. A phone will ring from the rooms within the house. The phone system can be installed in any of the rooms as advised by the client. For instance, the installation can be done in the kitchen, the sitting room or the bedroom. If say the priority telephone extension is not answered, the next priority phone extension rings.

The person at the receiver will answer the phone and by pressing a button the door opens. Likewise, the person at the receiver can dial another extension within the house for consultation before opening the door.

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Guard Master control panel

Guard master is basically the main control unit. The guard has the ability to call any doorbell system installed at the villas or the apartments. Usually installed at the main gate, the guard master acts as the nerve center of the whole doorbell door phone system.

Indoor handsets

The most recent doorbell technology allows for connection for up to 500 houses, apartments or villas. This is especially good for the hotel industry where the capability for multiple connections is a requirement. In such a situation, the doorbell connection will be done to multiple villas, condominiums or hotel rooms. There is centralized coordination from a guard house or reception.

Guard house intercom

The audio doorbell enables house residents to speak to the visitor before deciding whether to open the door or not. Apart from the personal security benefit, residents of an apartment will be able to protect their privacy.

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When installed as a gate phone, residents of a residential place will be able to open the main gate for the visitors from the comfort of their houses. Also, a resident will enter a unique password to open the gate from outside. The automatic gate system is much more convenient to residents instead of having to walk all the way down to the gate in order to open the gate for the visitor.

In the same way, the door phone system will be integrated with the automatic gate motors. At the same time, an intruder alarm system will be installed as well just in case of a robbery. We reiterate our professionalism in home security systems as experienced installers of door phones Kenya and video doorbells Kenya. For the best audio as well as video door phones in Kenya, contact us now.

Benefits of door phone intercom system

Today, IP technology is the standard across the telecom and security industry. Consequently, an IP PBX system and IP door phone intercom system can be installed to run on the same network infrastructure. Also, we have seen the benefits of IP-based solutions where biometric door access control systems and IP doorbell intercom systems have been connected to one central server. Also, both security solutions have been integrated to complete each other.

doorbell system installation in Kenya

Traditionally, audio door phone intercom systems have been mainly installed to operate in a hotel environment. Under this setup, the guard station usually installed at the reception will be connected to several receiving stations installed in different hotel rooms. However, for advanced surveillance solutions, audio doorbell intercom systems have been improved to include the capability to capture and store images. Thus, we have video intercom systems with SD cards that can capture and record videos.

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Therefore, there is no need of installing CCTV cameras and IP video door phones separately. This is because video intercom systems now have the ability to transmit audio as well as video data. The wireless doorbell intercom systems are most applicable in residential areas, business premises, or college environments.

Video intercom system

The video intercom system will enable the security personnel to talk while seeing the visitor at the gate. The security personnel will use a remote entry switch to grant entry to visitors. In case of an incident, the video door phone system will be able to capture and record to the guard master.

Installing security solutions that run on IP technology has been simplified. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology has made it possible to get power supply on the media that transfers data. Accordingly, there is no need of running separate cabling for power supply and data transfer. In fact, you only need a single Ethernet cable for both power supply and data transfer.

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Security systems that are based on IP are scalable to infinity. The number of devices that will be installed on the network infrastructure is only limited to your security requirement.  In fact, adding a new door phone on a new is as easy as adding a new IP phone.

Doorbell system

Initially, clients preferred to commission the installation of security solutions to run independently. So you will find CCTV cameras have been installed within the same environment as the video door phone system. Clearly, this kind of duplication made the installations expensive and the costs prohibitive to most clients. Also, the lack of open standards and communication interfaces confined clients under one product supplier.

Proprietary systems are known to lock clients to a single manufacturer of surveillance products. This kind of vendor lock-in led automatically made systems expensive. Also, when thinking of upgrading the security systems, this meant that the entire system had to be overhauled.

Open standards have given clients the freedom to choose any product from any reputable manufacturer because compatibility has been taken care of. Due to open standards, it is now possible to integrate video intercom systems with VoIP PBX systems.

Open standards have ensured that security products are compatible across the board. Moreover, scaling the security system has been simplified. Thus, adding new devices to an existing security system is a plug-and-play kind of setup. Check out also electric fence installation in Kenya and solutions.

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