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The Managed IT Support Services in Kenya

Sustaining a self-sufficient in-house IT department can be expensive especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, the best IT Support Services Company in Kenya will bring together all the IT specialists and then outsource these specialists to Small and medium-sized businesses at a standard fee. Outsourcing IT support has so many advantages. To start with, it will lead to increased productivity since the client can now focus fully on the core business. Secondly, the clients can benefit from a pool of diverse skills at a fraction of the cost. Lastly, the client is guaranteed 99.9% system availability which can be unachievable with only one or two IT support staff.

Below we highlight some of the key solutions that an IT support services company in Kenya will offer:

Network management and support

The Network management service in this aspect will encompass the configuration of IP addresses on various active devices. Also the creation of VLANs, and efficient distribution of class B IP addresses. Specifically, network management begins with the configuration of the router or network firewall. Then, configurations of the rest of the active network devices including network switches, wireless access points, etc.

The main purpose for network management is to guarantee 99.9% availability of all shared network resources e.g. Network Attached Storage (NAS), File servers, ERP system, etc. Furthermore, we ensure IP addresses are assigned efficiently to eliminate incidences of IP address conflict. Also, establish VPN links to remote offices so that employees working remotely can access all the needed resources domiciled at the head office.

Office telephone system installation

The office telephone system is an important component of the IT infrastructure. Companies rely on the telephony system to pass communication to employees and between employees. But most importantly, the telephony infrastructure is the main platform that businesses use for communicating with customers. And as such, it needs to be available at all times. Our telecom engineers will take care of the entire telephony infrastructure. Including handling the VoIP PBX system, the IP desktop phones, and the gateways.

Structured cabling and local area networking infrastructure

Network management and network maintenance run concurrently after the physical installation of the local area network infrastructure. The network maintenance phase will come after complete structured cabling installation, cable containment trunkings, and cable management in the server room. Putting in place the right network infrastructure will determine the ease of network maintenance and fault diagnosis.

Then, we can schedule regular maintenance of the network infrastructure. Upgrading the internet connectivity speeds to accommodate the increased demand for higher capacities. Repair and/ or replacement of faulty users’ connectivity devices such as the modules or patch cords. Also, manage wireless networks connected devices such as wireless access points or Wi-Fi dongle.

IT Support Services Company in Kenya

Server administration

Set up the correct active directory policies for both virtual and physical servers. Manage available storage and ensure regular backup of the important files and documents. Ensure all authorized can access critical services like the email server and file servers as efficiently as possible.

As a matter of fact, computer servers usually run very important services. These might include the Payroll system, company email system, the accounting system among others. As such, the server computer must be powerful to allow concurrent access while keeping all the programs running efficiently.

Physical security

Besides cybersecurity, physical security still remains. Data centers and server rooms require some form of physical security. A security compromise in the server room and data center will likely affect various services. As such, the server room and the data center must be kept secure always. Only allowing authorized entry at all times. And a record kept of all movements in and out of the server room. Thus, the installation of biometric access control systems for the server room and data center security remains a key factor. Besides, access control systems, the server room, and the data center will need an automated room cooling system, the fire alarm system, and the IP CCTV surveillance system.

Network security

A serious organization must think of ways of protecting its important files and documents and computer resources in general. This begins by acquiring a good network firewall together with intelligent endpoint protection software. The network firewall will provide web and application security, intrusion prevention, email security among other services. We have discussed further the key services offered by the best network firewall.

Also, the network firewall can be used as a gateway thus offering routing services just as the router. As a matter of fact, the network firewall would be the perfect device for establishing VPN links for branch offices. Besides interoffice connectivity, the network firewall assures a stable secure link to remote working stations.

Endpoint protection

Most cyber-attacks tend to be propagated through a compromised endpoint device. On the other hand, endpoint protection software will provide overall desktop security. This software will be installed on every computer and smartphone. Services offered by endpoint protection software include anti-malware protection, anti-virus, antis spam, and general internet security. Even so, we shall set up the antivirus software to do automatic scans at specific times of the day, say during lunch break.

Information Technology Consultancy

The IT industry witnesses the highest level of innovation. And as an IT support company, we live up to our key values of Technology, Service, and Trust. Our mission and vision guide and sustains the relationship we have with our customers. The experience we have by installing different types of systems and technologies has given us the much-needed exposure to offer the best IT consultancy in Kenya. We advise on the right technology to be adopted. Whether looking for the best payroll management system or employee time attendance system. Therefore, we ensure that our clients adopt the right technology, are the most reliable, and get the best value for money.

Offsite IT support Services in Kenya

In as much as onsite support is the most preferred mode of tech support, there exist tools that can be used for remote support. Remote desktop support would be more applicable particularly for minor troubleshooting. Therefore, we will provide offsite support in the form of remote desktop support. Thus, as soon as a support ticket is opened, the IT support desk will evaluate whether it deserves onsite or offsite support. The IT specialists can decide to handle the support ticket through any of the popular remote support applications, either Teamviewer or Anydesk.

Are you looking for the best IT support services company in Kenya? Then look no further. ORACO Kenya is the right partner for you. Contact us now for the best rates by filling the form below.

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