Yealink IP Phones

Yealink is a renowned manufacturer of business-class IP Phones and PBX Phone System. Therefore, you can create an excellent platform for business to client interaction through the Yealink IP Phones in Kenya. Even more increase employee productivity through a platform that enhances team collaboration, professional interaction, and flexibility at the workplace. As certified Yealink distributors in Kenya, we have been instrumental in designing unified communications solutions that have help organizations to unlock the full potential.   

Yealink IP Phones Kenya

Yealink desktop phones are the ultimate communication tools of today and tomorrow. Apart from offering a better performance on the overall, they feature an easy to use color display screen. Additionally, the ergonomic design is a perfect fit for busy executives. Say no to workplace fatigue with the innovative Yealink Phones Kenya.

What is more, Yealink manufactures executive desktop phones for professionals, and VoIP desk phones and has even developed softphones for VoIP.

The Yealink Business IP Phones

Yealink Business IP Phones incorporate thoughtful designs that support workplace productivity. These business phones come exciting collaboration tools and other office productivity apps.

Yealink Business IP Phones support efficient auto-provisioning which is a key factor during mass deployment. Upon full deployment, users will be able to enjoy extended functions such as call recording, extension mobility, call forwarding, and voicemail services.

With a remarkable user interface, the Yealink Business IP Phones deliver exceptional stability and performance. What is more, the desk phones are augmented to provide a smartphone-like user experience. This can be seen from the layout of the keys to the distribution of the one-touch interactivity buttons.

Yealink Conference Phone

The Yealink conference phone is a simple desk phone with the capability for audio and video HD quality communication. Designed for professionals and business executives who appreciate the value of technology in communication. Fitted with an adjustable touch screen and a removable HD camera, the Yealink Video Conference phone delivers business-class collaboration solutions on demand.

Connectivity to the desk phone can be done not only by the Ethernet cabling but also via the WiFi and Bluetooth pairing. Running on the Android operating system, the videophone has an inbuilt web browser, calendar, Skype, and other third-party business apps suitable for the modern work environment.

These conferencing solutions have helped businesses to overcome geographical barriers. Moreover, organizations can use conferencing phones to improve internal communication as well as external communication with stakeholders.

For the simplest setup, the standard desk phones have capabilities for a three-way audio conferencing. The mid-range desk phones have capabilities for 5-way audio and video conferencing albeit limited internally. As for a complex video conferencing, it will involve setting up a video conference room solution complete with codec and camera.

Simply put, professionals can set up group meetings, invite, and even other already created group meetings anytime convenient for parties involved. In short, organizations will not only be able to enjoy savings on time and travel expenses, but also enjoy rich user experience.

The Yealink Wireless IP Phones

Yealink wireless phones were designed for the new age workplace that encourages flexibility and mobility. The cordless phones pick network connection from a DECT base. The DECT base has the capability of connecting up to 8 SIP phones. Hence, upon complete installation, the cordless phone users will able to make 8 concurrent calls.

Wireless IP Phones Kenya
Cordless/ Wireless IP Phones

The Yealink Wireless IP Phones were built for the office environment with inadequate network cabling infrastructure. Thus, the cordless IP Phones eliminate the need for a cabled connection. More importantly, the manufacturer made sure that the phones are feature-rich and robust in nature.

Fitted with high-quality battery, the wireless Dect IP phones can run up to 18 hours of non-stop talk time on a full charge. Moreover, these desk phones take only a few minutes to recharge should the battery run low.

Yealink Receptionist Phone

Enjoy a competitive edge in your industry by using technology to improve client communication. Yealink Executive IP Phones have created value for small businesses, large corporate organizations, and also for the hospitality industry in Kenya.

The Receptionist IP phones are built for rapid call handling. They support productivity accessories such as LCD color display expansion modules and the HD quality headsets. Apart from the elegant appearance, the Yealink receptionist IP Phone has more features for greater interoperability, collaboration, and interactivity.

Reception Phone Kenya
Reception IP Phone

Yealink Call Center IP Phone

Call center operation requires desk phones that assure users of stable HD audio quality communication. The Yealink Call Center IP Phones offer business class specifications. As a matter of fact, they are designed with excellent audio quality for clear communication.

Additionally, they come with high-level noise cancellation technology that ensures that the call agents are not affected by the noise from the surrounding environment.

The Linkus Softphone App

Linkus is a multi-platform software that runs on Android or the iOS smartphone. The app was developed for busy professionals who would like to keep in touch with colleagues and clients alike without being physically present at the desk.

The only requirement is access to the internet connection, either WiFi or mobile data connection. So apart from the ordinary capabilities of a physical desk phone, Linkus softphone enables users to call and transfer calls. Also, VoIP technology users can participate in group meetings, view presence status for colleagues, and even engage in instant messaging. All these are geared towards enhancing team collaboration internally and externally.

IP Phones Installation

Installing Yealink desk phones from the easy to use graphical user interface is a non-complicated task. Even so, use the phone provisioning feature to scan and identify all IP phones connected within the local area network. The auto-provisioning feature will have your IP phone system up and running in a matter of minutes.

VoIP PBX system coupled with Yealink business executive desk phones delivers exceptional value to organizations.

Furthermore, with the IP based office business phone systems, scaling the system is a simplified cost-effective process. The phone system is generally engineered in a modular way to accommodate future growth as the business expands. There is no need to invest in big servers in order to benefit from this enterprise-grade communication infrastructure.

The web-based phone system administration enables the IT officer to securely manage the IP phone system from any computer. Thus, the office telephone system is highly protected from hackers using the best know security protocols such as TLS, HTTPS, and SRTP protocols.

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