ORACO Kenya is a trusted installer of automatic gate opener in Kenya. Other people call it the electric gate. We have several prefabricated gate designs. However, we encourage our clients to participate in the design process. Client participation enables installation of unique gate designs.
Below are the main types of automatic gate openers

  • Swing gate
  • Automatic sliding gate

Why you should invest in an electric gate system

Automatic gates have pushed safety and convenience to another level. They have enhanced the functionality of a normal gate. Also, it gives you the convenience of operating it from the safety of your car.

It is difficult to tell if someone is hiding in the nearby bushes; waiting to attack you. This is a major drawback of the manually operated gate. It gives the bad guy sufficient time to attack you. Sometimes, even the reaction time from your watchman might not be that fast.

With the automatic sliding gate system, you will not waste time at the gate. You have the option of using a wireless transmitter device to swing your gate open. We can also configure the system to enable you operate the gate from your smartphone. This system significantly reduces your exposure to danger.

The automatic gate opener design

Our solution cover the both the swing gates and the slide gates. The motor operator can either be mechanical or hydraulic. Nonetheless, the setup comes with a wireless transmitter. The transmitter communicates with the receiver during the open and the close operations.

Gate openers can be installed with solar panels to save on electric consumption. The use of backup battery enables the gate motor to run despite power blackout. No doubt that this system brings safety and convenience in one package. It is ideal solution for both residential areas and commercial places.

Residential security is incomplete without installing IP CCTV cameras. For a small investment, we will do an all round video surveillance system.

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