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ORACO Kenya is a trusted installer of automatic gate opener in Kenya. Other people call it the automatic electric gate system. In any case, our work involves installing an automatic gate system. So that the gate opening and closing operation can be done using a remote sensor. As it is, most security gates tend to be heavy and, to open and close regularly can be tiring. Thus, we offer diverse automatic gate system solutions in Kenya.

Automatic gate opener Kenya

The type of automatic gate system to be installed will depend on the gate design.

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Below are the main types of automatic gate openers solutions:

  • Automatic swing gate opener
  • The automatic electric sliding gate system

There are a growing and very obvious need to keep your family and property safe. However, there is no better way to achieve this than to install an automatic gate operator. First and foremost, with an electric gate opener, you will save on costs associated with hiring security guards. Just have an intercom system installed at the gate.

We deal with high quality and long lasting gate automation motors made to give you value for money. Our gate automation solutions are highly customizable to fit your gate design and weight. For example, we offer a wide range of commercial grade gate automation solutions for industrial use, manufacture and assembly points. Even so, we still have consumer grade gate automation solutions for homes and villas.

Why you should invest in an electric gate system

Automatic gates have pushed safety and convenience to another level. They have enhanced the functionality of a normal gate. Also, it gives you the convenience of operating it from the safety of your car.

It is difficult to tell if someone is hiding in the nearby bushes; waiting to attack you. This is a major drawback of the manually operated gate. It gives the bad guy sufficient time to attack you. Sometimes, even the reaction time from your watchman might not be that fast.

With the automatic sliding gate system, you will not waste time at the gate. You have the option of using a wireless transmitter device to swing your gate open. We can also configure the system to enable you to operate the gate from your smartphone. This system significantly reduces your exposure to danger.

Features of the Electric Sliding Gate Operator

  • Installation kit: The installation includes strong shaft combined with the sprocket, cast metal floor plate, push buttons, power supply, and remote controls.
  • Automatic closing: Programming will be done to allow for automatic closing.
  • Customization: This electric sliding gate system is highly customizable as it allows for change of direction of the rotation, increasing or decreasing the speed of the sliding gate. On complete installation, be sure of smooth operation since the operator was made to support the gentle operation.
  • Pedestrian feature: Lastly, there is the pedestrian programmable feature. With this feature, the sliding gate opens slightly for pedestrians and a wider opening for cars and big vehicles.
  • Safety: The safety features include an emergency release key switch; an integrated power shut procedure and the adjustable motor speed. Also, there will be sensors to stop the moving gate in case of an obstruction within line of sight.

The automatic gate opener design

Our solution covers both the swing gates and the slide gates. The motor operator can either be mechanical or hydraulic. Nonetheless, the setup comes with a wireless transmitter. The transmitter communicates with the receiver during the open and the close operations.

Features of the Automatic Swing Gate Opener

  • Installation kit: The swing gate operator installation includes motors, photocell, remote controls, and power supply.
  • Safety: the gate opener can be programmed for gentle transmission thus starting smoothly allowing people to get into the compound and closing smoothly to shut the gate locked behind your visitors.
  • Customizable gate opening angle: the operator enables the gate to open at 45◦ angles on pedestrians and a wider angle for cars and heavy vehicles. Additionally, the gate opening and closing speed is fully adjustable to fit client preference
  • Emergency release key: the key switch sets into operation during an emergency. For instance, when a family member is locked outside with a misplaced remote controller, then the emergency key switch sets in to release the swing gate opener.
  • Heavy duty operation: the automatic gate opener motor has the capability to handle both lightweight and heavy-duty gates of up to 600Kg.

Gate openers can be installed with solar panels to save on electric consumption. The use of a backup battery enables the gate motor to run despite power blackout. No doubt that this system brings safety and convenience in one package. It is an ideal solution for both residential areas and commercial places.

Vehicle Access Barriers

Together with the automatic gate opener, we install vehicle access barriers to manage access to parking and even administer fee charges. Also known as rising arm barriers, our vehicle access barrier solutions are designed for robust installation and reliable performance.

Upon complete installation, the rising arm barriers will run in a safe and secure manner. The installation assures you of outstanding performance even beyond the guarantee window period. Be that as it may, the vehicle access barriers offer an integrated platform whereby the vehicle parking system can be managed remotely from a security control room far away.

Just like automatic gates, vehicle access barriers can be customized to suit client requirements. For example, the length of the arm can be scaled to fit the width of the road. Even more, the speed at which the arm opens and closes can be programmed to meet the set guidelines as stipulated by security checks and controls.

With our extensive experience in the telecom and security industry, we ensure that the vehicle access barriers installed are innovative, economical and extremely robust. As a matter of fact, we will never create room for compromise in quality and reliability. Thus, the automation assures clients of at least 10 million opening cycles as a bare minimum.

automatic electric gate installer Kenya

Why install Vehicle Access Barrier

For one, vehicle access barriers will help in controlling access to parking spaces, whether at malls, private parking spaces, and even public parking. Vehicle access barriers are a form of security for controlling entry and exit of vehicles from a secure space. These electronic barriers have greatly reduced incidences of car theft from both public and private parking lots.

Secondly, vehicle access barriers have made it easy to electronically collect vehicle parking fees. To be used for collecting vehicle parking fees, the barrier system will be programmed to automatically process billing based on the number of hours a car has stayed in the parking. Hence, the vehicle owner will be given an electronic card or parking chip at the point of entry. The vehicle owner uses the electronic chip to gain entry into the controlled parking space. The same electronic chip will be used at the point of exit to open the vehicle barrier to allow vehicle exit.

Extras on the automatic gate opener

Now, for successful gate automation, our professional automatic gate installers in Kenya will require to conduct a brief site survey. The site survey will establish the gate design; whether automatic swing gate or electric sliding gate design. Next, the physical dimensions of the gate, that is, the weight and the size.

Mostly, clients prioritize automatic gate opener prices above the quality of the automation solutions. In as much as the cost of installation is important, the quality of the installation will determine how often maintenance is done and the overall total ownership from a long term perspective.

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