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In today’s fast-paced world, managing traffic flow and ensuring road safety are critical concerns. As vehicles become more prevalent on the estate roads, efficient methods of controlling access to different areas become essential. One such device that plays a significant role in this aspect is the parking gate. ORACO Kenya is an installer of the Centurion Sector 2 boom barrier gate system in Kenya. This solution has really helped in the roll out of vehicle parking management system. Also it helps in controlling authorized access to the secured gated community residential area.

Boom barrier installation in Kenya

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate or a parking gate, is a vertical bar or pole that can be raised or lowered to control vehicle access to specific locations. Ideal areas for use include toll booths, parking lots, railway crossings, and secure premises.

Boom Barrier Gate Price in Kenya

PriceKES 279,900
Boom pole length3 meters
Power supplybattery driven charger
Setup environmentGated community estate, controlled vehicle parking places, shopping malls
Daily operation cycle3000
Setup, Installation and TrainingYES
Warrantyone year

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This system have been designed to act as physical gate to control the flow of vehicular traffic. The primary components of a boom barrier include a sturdy pole or bar, a motorized mechanism, and an access control system. The bar is usually made of metal and is connected to a pivot, enabling it to move vertically. The motorized mechanism is responsible for raising and lowering the boom. And, the access control system dictates when the barrier should be activated.

Types of boom gate barrier system

Manual vehicle barrier: In the early days, boom gates were primarily operated manually.  This required a guard or operator to lift and lower the bar as vehicles approached the control point. This method was effective to some extent but had several drawbacks. For example, manual system tended to be labor-intensive, prone to human error, and limited in the speed of operation. Manual parking gates were gradually replaced by automated systems as technology advanced.

Electronic parking gates: the automated system revolutionized traffic management and vehicle access control. These modern boom gates are equipped with electromechanical or hydraulic systems that enable smooth and efficient operation. They can be integrated with various access control methods, such as RFID cards or proximity cards. They can also work with biometric access control systems, license plate recognition cameras, and the remote controls.

Boom gate barrier system in Kenya

In fact, some of the modern parking gates come with mobile app integration, allowing authorized users to control the barriers remotely. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where manual control is not feasible. What is more, the more advanced parking gates can collect and analyze real-time data on traffic patterns and usage. This data can be utilized to optimize vehicle parking management strategies and improve overall efficiency.

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Where to install vehicle access control system

Vehicle access control have found diverse applications in different settings where controlled access is essential. Below we highlight ideal areas where parking gates can add great value.

Toll Booths: Toll plazas on highways and expressways can utilize this system to manage the flow of vehicles. This ensures that only authorized vehicles proceed after paying the appropriate toll fees. County governments in Kenya can install this solution to help in the collection of cess tax.

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Parking Facilities: these ones are extensively used in parking lots and garages to control entry and exit of vehicles. Payment systems, such as parking tickets or electronic payments, are integrated with these barriers for efficient management. Ideal places include shopping malls, and public parking spaces.

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Railway Crossings: At level crossings, the barriers are employed to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from crossing the tracks when a train is approaching. This is a crucial safety measure to avoid accidents. This can be installed Standard Gauge Railway passes. Commuter trains stations also require pedestrian barrier gates.

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Gated Communities and Secure Premises: these are commonly seen at the entrances of gated communities and at the office complexes. These barriers have been to secure premises and to regulate entry and exit from premises. And to ensure that only authorized individuals and vehicles can enter the area.

residential boom gate barrier system

Industrial Facilities: In industrial settings, these systems can help to control the movement of vehicles within the premises. This further helps in enhancing safety and security for employees and visitors.

Benefits of Boom Barrier installation

Traffic Management: this system can effectively regulate the flow of traffic, preventing congestion and chaos, especially during peak hours. They also ensure a smooth and organized movement of vehicles, leading to improved road safety.

Enhanced Security: this system act as a deterrent to unauthorized access, thus bolstering security for restricted areas. Integrating access control systems ensures that only authorized personnel or vehicles get granted entry.

Accurate Billing and Revenue Collection: In toll booths and parking facilities, barrier gates can be linked to automated billing systems. This kind of integration will enable county governments in Kenya to get accurate data for billing and revenue collection. This reduces the chances of revenue leakage and enhances transparency.

Safety at Railway Crossings: By effectively blocking the road when a train is approaching, the barriers contribute significantly to preventing accidents at railway crossings.

Customizable Access Control: Modern parking gate systems can be integrated with a wide range of access control methods. When integrated with the access control system, it allows the operators to customize access permissions as per specific requirements.

Low Maintenance: With advancements in technology, these systems are designed to be robust and require minimal maintenance. A simple annual hardware servicing would suffice resulting in cost savings over the long term.

Advancements in Parking Barrier Technology

Recent advancements in technology have further enhanced the capabilities of parking barriers, making them even more efficient and reliable. To start with, we have smart boom gates that use advanced sensors and cameras to detect vehicles and pedestrians. These intelligent systems can adjust their operation based on traffic conditions. So that it allows for faster passage of vehicles during low traffic and controlled access during peak hours.

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Another notable advancement is the advent of the solar-powered parking gate system. Solar power helps in promoting sustainability and reduce energy consumption. The solar-powered system have emerged as an eco-friendly alternative. Thus, they utilize solar panels to generate electricity, making them self-sustaining and cost-effective.

Vehicle Parking gate system in Kenya

Parking barriers play a crucial role in managing traffic flow, ensuring road safety, and controlling access to various locations. From the manual systems to the modern electronic systems, the barriers have evolved significantly over the years. Today, they incorporate advanced technologies for increased efficiency and convenience. They have been used for various applications including toll booths and parking facilities. They can also be installed at railway crossings, gated communities, and industrial complexes. This just explains how important they have become in our day to day living.

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And as technology continues to advance, we can expect more innovative features to be incorporated into the boom gate systems. Be that as it may, we promise to continue supplying our clients with even more intelligent, eco-friendly, and integrated vehicle barrier systems. The future of these systems is undoubtedly promising. They have become an indispensable tool in maintaining order and safety at private parking spaces, shopping malls and even public parking. Contact us today for all your home security system installation in Kenya.

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