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Residential security is an area that homeowners should never gamble with. As an experienced electric fence installer in Kenya, we know the peace of mind that comes with quality electric fence installation. We ensure that our technicians install only the best electric fence supplies at the site. We not only supply electric fencing equipment but also do installation and maintenance. The electric fence installations range from the freestanding to the top wall. Unique customizations based on customer preference can be done as well.

At ORACO Kenya, we electric fencing systems have become popular in Kenya especially among the elite. The expanding middle class has also impacted on the increased uptake of this solution. This is because of the evolving nature of the security challenges we face today. Electric fencing solutions are not only important for residential areas but also for industrial yards.

Electric Fence Installer in Kenya

For a long time, installing an electric fence around the property was viewed as a sign of opulence. However, electric fencing implemented at private property acts as a safety measure against vandalism and acts of hooliganism. Installation of an electric fence around your property has several benefits. To start with, there is the peace of mind from the assurance that everything is safe. As a property owner, you can sleep soundly at night without a worry. It is advisable for homeowners to prioritize their home security. This is through updating security strategies to counter emerging security threats.

Electric fence installer in Kenya

This security solution is very efficient for farms in rural areas. Farmlands and private ranches are known to face a lot of challenges related to trespassing. So instead of the farm owner constructing concrete wall all around the property, installing freestanding electric fences is most efficient. These kinds of electric fences are easy to install and very cost effective. As an electric fence installer, we advise that installing a good electric fence system is a sure way for managing trespassers. It is a major deterrent to animals that might cross over to destroy plants. In the farms where we have installed this solution, farmers and ranch owners have reported very high farm yields and personal peace of mind. Generally, farmers generally agree that security investment is worth it.

Electric fence installation

We generally offer advice to owners of private ranches and large farms to install electric fence solutions. It is very easy to confuse the electric fence system with the razor wire solution. Both razor wire and electric fence offer protection against intrusion. An intruder with the right climbing gear can go past a razor wire installation. The same cannot be said of a live electric fence. In the game reserves and national parks, razor wire systems Kenya do not effectively guard wild animals against escaping. This is because they are not deterrent enough.

How much does it cost to install electric fence in Kenya

The cost for installing electric fence vary depending on the size of the plot and the location. Be that as it may, we install electric fence at a cost of KES 1,800 per meter. This cost can be adjusted downwards or upwards depending on factors such as logistics, site characteristics etc.

The top wall electric fence installation is the most preferred for residential security. This is because, for homes, there is usually a perimeter wall. Therefore, the electric fence is installed on top of the wall. Razor wire installation normally accompanies electric fencing.

Every day we hear reports of security breaches at protected residential areas. This is especially true for VIP residential places. The services of security personnel revolve around the gate area. But this is not enough. There is a need to keep watch all around the property. And we have a solution. Our Electric Fence supplies are the perfect remedies that can effectively counter such threats. Getting electrocuted is more than just a deterrent measure. No intruder will dare come close to the fence when it is live.

The other benefit of this system is power efficiency. The technology used for manufacturing electric fence energizer ensures that your power bill is a very negligible expense. Many clients assume that by installing an electric fence system, the electricity bill automatically increases by a significant margin. You will not have to worry about electricity bills. You can further lower your electric bill by using a solar electric fence system. Such a system reduces your budget for security expenses by more than 75%.

Electric Fence

The integration

We can also integrate an electric fence wire with your intruder alarm system. Also, you can have an residential house doorbell system in place. Our electric fence installer in Kenya will help you with the integration. In such a setup, the burglar alarm system is triggered whenever an intrusion is detected. The sound of the siren is known to scare off even the most adamant of vandals.

The era of planting broken glass bottles on the security wall is long gone. With a small investment, you can deploy a modern security system at home. When investing in electric fences or razor wire solutions, always go for the best quality. ORACO Kenya is an experienced electric fencing company in Kenya. We do not compromise on quality, be it the solar electric fence energizer, the insulators or the strainers. We understand that this is a one-off investment and therefore extend a two-year warranty on the equipment. For the most qualified electric fence supplier. come to ORACO Kenya, the electric fence installer in Kenya you can trust. Quality and reliability is our strength.

We are known for high-quality outdoor security surveillance systems and electric fence supplies in Kenya. We have achieved this by being flexible to the changing needs of our clients and by bringing innovative products to the market. By and large, the main objective for electric fence installers is usually very simple; to detect and to deter. The high voltage electric fence will deter any hardcore intruder from penetrating the security fence. Likewise, an attempted security breach on your property will lead to the siren going off. The strobe lights being powered on will be an indication that there has been attempted intrusion. When the alarm goes off the security company is notified of the attempted robbery.

The main Electric Fence Supplies in Kenya

The electric fence energizer

Normally, the electric fence energizer comes with an LCD display. The display makes it easy to view information about energizer performance. Status indicators are also available for quick information about device functional status. The latest technology for energizers has the inbuilt capability to ensure power efficiency and automatic false alarm reduction. Some of the features of the electric fence energizers include:

  • Independent zones segregations for faster troubleshooting
  • Protection from power surge and lightning
  • Intelligent power management that saves power and extends energizer battery life
  • Digital LCD keypad to facilitate device programming and management
  • Status indicators that quickly tell the armed status of the fence, whether tampered with, any faults detected due to voltage changes
  • Programmable sensors that tell gate status, whether opened or closed;

Top wall fence brackets

We have partnered with manufacturers of quality brackets. This is because the choice of brackets directly affects the level of security guaranteed in a premise. Moreover, we ensure that the wall top brackets can sustain the standard number of wire barriers. And still, work efficiently within the recommended distance between the bars. We ensure that all our electric fence supplies are made of steel and high-quality coating suitable for outdoor use.

Freestanding fencing posts

Freestanding electric fence installations require both corner posts as well as intermediate posts. Corner posts require supporters to secure them firmly on the ground during installations. The intermediate posts are usually drilled in advance to allow for the installation of hooks and strainers and insulators. Strainers are the gadgets that firmly hold the electric fence wire in place on the complete installation.

Strain insulators: These strainers are usually hardened for eternal use. They are used to secure the electric fence wire during installations. They are of high quality and built to last a lifetime.

Solar Electric Fence Installer in Kenya 

Professional electric fence installer in Kenya will advise that solar electric fence can be very ideal for remote areas in Kenya. At these remote places, the electricity distribution substations are far between making it expensive to drop a connection at your rural home. That is why solar panels are the ideal source of renewable energy. To begin with, the solar electric fence installation is cost-effective.  The solar panel stores energy from the sun which is later used to power up the electric fence security system. Also, there are no monthly bills from the electricity company. Lastly, the solar electric fence panel assures you of uninterrupted power supply.

The electric fence wires

The electric fence wires are galvanized for use in long runs. These high tensile wires are all weather resistant and long lasting. The wires are made of original aluminum which offers extremely low electrical resistance. Low electrical resistance means that the number of energizers required for large scale installations will be very minimal.

We assure you of high quality and reliable electric fence supplies in Kenya. By the same token, we will offer you timely technical support. One thing is definite, we are a professional electric fence installer in Kenya.

Visit our offices, call us or fill out the form below today. Let our electric fence installer in Kenya help you design the best electric fence installation solution. We are a fencing company that meets your unique security requirement.

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