ORACO Kenya is a professional cyber security company in Kenya. WE provide enterprise cyber security solutions for businesses across different sectors of the economy.We use international standards cyber security strategies for network security management. Our strategy uncovers vulnerabilities, seals loopholes and monitors your system against evolving cyber security threats.

Presently, ransomware and malware attacks are real business threats. In fact, research shows that over half of commercial banks in Kenya have been a victim of ransomware attacks. These cyber attacks keep evolving every day. Moreover, the losses attributable to cyber attacks keep rising. Hence, the need for a cyber security solutions that keeps changing with the times.

Cyber Security Company in Kenya

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack was a strong warning to business leaders. Incidentally, wannacry attack was of a global scale. Regrettably, over 100 countries and about 250,000 computers were victims of the strain.

As a matter of fact, we offer the expertise for cyber security in Kenya. We conduct comprehensive cyber security audits. In the first place, we will assess your current system setup. Thus, our network security experts and IT support specialists will visit your company to establish you IT security needs. Ultimately, we will help your company meet international cyber security standards. Also, we ensure compliance with requirements from regulatory bodies.

Network Security Audit

Small business package: this package is designed for small businesses. Audit areas covered include:

  1. Software audits
  2. Security updates
  3. ICT policy review
  4. Physical security

Enterprise business package: this package is ideal for big enterprises and commercial banks. Audit areas covered by this package include:

  1. Network firewall; logs and policies
  2. Software audits; operating system and application software
  3. Physical security; server room and data center audits
  4. Documented Door Access Control systems and levels
  5. Review and evaluation of the ICT policy
  6. Disaster Management plan

ORACO Kenya believes that network security strategy is as effective as its ability to be enforced. Accordingly, we design customized cyber security solutions for businesses. No doubt, a good plan evolves to counter the changing nature network security threats. Furthermore, the amount of unsecured applications in the internet has increased exponentially. Still, an an indicator of how the web can be a threat to business.

On the other hand, this is an opportunity to strengthen cyber security plans for enterprises. In any case, identity theft and malware attacks are consequences of non monitored internet activities. Consequently, businesses have reported financial loss due to ransomware attacks. In the same way, individuals also have been victims of unauthorized transactions.

The Cyber Security Threat

In Kenya cyber crime is becoming a big headache to businesses. According cyber crime report of 2016, Kenyan companies lost over Kshs 15 Billion cumulatively. Despite the losses, businesses only allocate less than Kshs 500,000 to fight the vice. Managing the threat posed by the internet of things requires skills and expertise. Furthermore, the bad guys have developed very intelligent programs used for phishing and skimming personal details. Ultimately, an equally intelligent program is required to contain phishing incidents. Thus, good network security firewall has the capability to authenticate and flag the online traffic.

As a matter of fact, business domains are more likely to be blacklisted than ever before due to spamming. Regrettably, email blacklisting causes a lot of communication disruption between companies and the clients. Fortunately, all these challenges can be nipped in the bud before they get out of hand.

Our cyber security team are experienced in implementing the following solutions:

  • Email scanning and web filtering
  • Unified threat Management systems
  • User access levels and user group access rights
  • Remote desktop support.
  • Network firewall
  • Wireless network security
  • VPN Technology
  • SSL certificate
  • Cloud computing
  • Distributed systems

Actually, critical network security breaches emanate from the end user computer. By and large, using applications such as the antivirus software Kaspersky for Endpoint Security helps in containing malware attacks.

We are an experienced cyber security company in Kenya. For this reason, ORACO Kenya works with established network security providers in the industry. The partnerships enable us to offer network security solutions across different vendor platforms. Our cyber security experts are well trained and internationally certified. We specialize in Sophos Firewall, and Check Point firewall solutions. Sonicwall, Riverbed are some of the certifications we have been awarded as well.

Are you worried about your computer security? As professional cyber security company, we offer customized cyber security training to enhance internet security awareness. Equally, you can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter for cyber security news. Contact us here and get a promotional code for a free IT system audit of your company! Offer valid till March.

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