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As a leader in telecom and security solutions, we are at the forefront leading our customers to a safer and smarter world of technology. We assist our clients to migrate from legacy systems to IP based systems. From the isolated standalone systems to distributed systems. We realize that offering IP based solutions is not enough. Customers want more. Therefore, we provide cloud-based solutions enabling you to be in charge of everything without owning expensive hardware. Thus, we introduced video management software in Kenya as a value addition to our security surveillance solutions. The video management software enables clients to view live video as well as recorded video.

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Long term storage, data integrity, and video analytics have become key requirements for evaluating professional security and surveillance projects. Video management software (VMS) offers backup and long term storage solution. This solution solves the problem of the inability to access video recordings due to corrupted hard drives. Thus, the VMS assures of the safety of video recordings for present and future use. Backup recordings are usually stored off-site on hard drives or in the cloud storage. Hence, remote access to the backup only requires internet connectivity.

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More importantly, the VMS software offers the essential feature of video analytics. Basically, video analytics adds value to the information captured in the NVR and cloud storage. Also, video analysis helps the client and the security professional to make sense of the recordings. This further aids in the updating of the security goals and overall strategy.

Capabilities of the video management software

A good example of the VMS is the Easy4IP cloud from Dahua technologies. The Easy4IP cloud supports a myriad of services from a single platform. They include cloud storage, video on demand, video analytics and cloud-based device upgrade. Apart from support for IP cameras, the cloud-based storage solutions also support IP doorbell systems and intruder alarm systems.

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Our storage solution is usually off-site thus the need for IP cameras operating in a networked environment. However, the video management solution gives you an opportunity to have on-premise video storage or the cloud storage solution. Previously, analog cameras were connected to the DVR via coaxial cables. The DVR system which normally came with an inbuilt storage hard disk acted as the main storage system. Technically, the DVR system came with basic software that facilitated viewing of video recordings and general system management. This was done by connecting a television screen or computer monitor to the DVR via the VGA cable.

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Today, IP cameras are connected to the NVR via the Ethernet cables. Also, most IP CCTV cameras come with a slot for SD cards eliminating the need to have a hosted NVR. With cloud technology, it is possible to view live video through a web browser from any location around the globe. Nonetheless, there are several applications that enable users to view live videos from their smartphones and tablets.

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Most IP cameras come with an open interface to allow for interoperability across different vendor solutions. Thus, the application is multi-platform and easily available on windows, android, and iOS. Hence, video management software comes in to handle the recording, storage, and video analytics.

Achieve scalability through video management solution.

First and foremost, enjoy long term retention of videos.

VMS efficiently backs up video recordings in the cloud or physical storage. The VMS allows for efficient transfer of live video recordings from the NVR to the backup storage. Usually to the cloud storage or the offsite backup hard disks. This ensures that the freshly recorded videos are backed up corruption free.

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The use of video management software makes it easy to transition from the traditional physical servers and NVR to cloud storage. From the cloud, you will enable live streaming of recordings from anywhere and anytime as longs as the device you are using have access to the internet.
There is no need for manual transfer of recordings. The VMS software automates the backup process. The process is fully automated such that the security professional schedules it to regularly take place at a specific time and days.
Today all security devices are IP based. Working in an IP based environment ensures that the management of different devices is done securely from a centralized console. For instance, biometric access control Kenya, wireless doorbell systems and time attendance are integrated for real-time administration.

The Video Management Solution with video analytics feature

Video analytics is critical because it brings about proactive surveillance. Hence enabling security personnel to respond early enough to security breaches. Proactive surveillance has elements of intrusion detection and security breach deterrence. Generally, video analytics is necessary for it gives important data for wider security planning. For instance, you can tell people traffic, occupancy estimation, and demographics within a business premise.

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The VMS enables security professionals to take snapshots while analyzing video footage. The still pictures taken are then shared among investigative officers to boost inquiry into an incident. VMS software does a fantastic job especially in this age of motion detection and faces recognition video cameras. Additionally, VMS has inbuilt server mirroring capabilities which saves time during backup and restore operations.

We are among the first companies to have acquired SDK for cloud-based video management software. Contact us today for customized video analytics solutions for security and surveillance solutions.

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