The key role of a network firewall is to protect computers against external attacks. Firewalls keep work environments safe for the employees and the clients. Check Point Technologies offers a solution perfect for network security. ORACO Kenya is authorized Check Point firewall distributor and reseller in Kenya. Serious organizations use firewalls to monitor network security.

It is unfortunate that network security administrators spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess following an attack. As a result, a good internet security strategy address detection and response. Ideally, network security specialists are not supposed to focus solely on how to react after an attack. They should be looking at ways of detecting an attack before it happens, that is, being proactive. And then, preventing future attacks from being launched from the same hole. This is because Checkpoint firewall is a proactive security device.

Here, we discuss what you need to know about Check Point firewall, and the benefits of deploying the device in your corporate network

Check Point technologies innovative security features

The ideas from the IT professionals about enforcing end point security must be outdated. The narrative has been that you need to install antivirus software and keep it updated. The fact is, keeping your antivirus software up to date helps but only to an extent. This is because malware are still predominantly caused by infected files. These files and documents are usually transferrable from one computer to the other via flash drives and memory sticks. Scanning these portable memory devices can greatly decrease virus attacks.

But in order to come up with efficient Security strategies, you need information, you require periodical reports. Check Point firewall has the ability to gather intelligence about internet users’ activities. From the intelligence cyber crime professionals are able to tell which websites are malicious. The malicious websites can then be monitored and can even be blacklisted altogether. Intelligence can further help in creating awareness about the real threats that network users are exposed to. Internet users within an intranet are usually non supportive of the corporate internet policy. Coming up with supportive reports with statistics of actual events within a network will users change attitude adherence to corporate internet usage policy.

Versatility in detection and prevention of attacks

The present security technology is probably not versatile enough. Today’s malware attack cannot be stopped with yesterdays ideas. Managing the challenges of today require the tools of today. You need a system that can prevent attacks. The system should provide reports which can be used to carry out investigations. The data gathered from the investigations should inform strategies for preventing future attacks. This is how the war on cyber attacks can be won.

So the starting point is to identify all active devices within the network. Monitoring of the devices in the intranet can be done from a central point. Employees working from home pose a great challenge when it comes to protecting corporate data and information. This is because it is difficult to monitor their internet activity from home. Check Point technologies provides an environment for file scanning and cleaning within the corporate network. The advanced file scanning capability monitors files entering the network gateway or being rerouted from the corporate mail server. This ensures that any suspicious files is flagged and quarantined.

An integrated device monitoring and administration console

Hackers are becoming smarter than the ordinary antivirus software. Internet security software require updates every now and again. However, it is true that malware attacks do not have a single entry point. Check Point firewall provides an integrated approach to managing network security challenges. The cyber security team are judged harshly whenever a successful malware attack happens. Check Point technologies comes in to provide great insights into previously reported attacks. Data gathered from the past attacks help in creating policies that prevent future attacks. Strictly applying IT policy might lead to blacklisting. Secondly, users will be blocked from accessing malicious websites.

The professional IT support companies agree that network firewalls may not detect all attacks before happening. As a result, certain malware attacks will go past the red line. Therefore, it is important to have a network firewall device that does real time reporting on possible attacks. A good firewall system gives alert before the attack situation escalates. Reversing changes is easier when only a few devices are affected.

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