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Wireless Camera CCTV

Wireless camera CCTV is a standalone home security surveillance solution that enables users to access live feeds remotely from any location. Also it has pan and tilt capability ideal for installation in wide spaces like living area. Besides live remote viewing, the Wi-Fi camera has intelligent motion tracking feature. This feature enables the camera to pan and tilt in the direction of the detected motion as it focuses on the moving object.

wireless camera CCTV

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Features of the Wi-Fi pan and tilt camera

  • Provides 360° view of the house
  • Uses pan and tilt technology to provide better video footage
  • Camera can pan up to 340° and tilt up to 100°
  • Ceiling mount installation for better view and aesthetics
  • Micro SD storage slot
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Adjustable panoramic view angle. And the client can choose a good view from the views available

Full HD surveillance video

The surveillance camera gives full HD video output for crystal clear clarity at day time with normal light condition. Besides full color day vision, it has night vision capability creating visibility up to a distance of 5 meters.

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Intelligent movement detector

The smart sensor that gives alerts only when human movement is detected. This feature reduces false alarms associated with the detection of pet movement.

Wi-Fi camera

Internet connectivity

By default, the camera connects to the internet through Wi-Fi. Nonetheless, Ethernet port is available to enable cabled internet connection. The two connectivity options gives client the convenience of choosing the best internet connection mode that works well for them.

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Built-in microphone

Considering that audio is critical video playback, the camera has built-in microphone. The inbuilt microphone picks audio sound from the surrounding environment making an all-round surveillance system.

Compatibility with smartphone app for remote view. Thus, you can view CCTV footage remotely from any location as long as the phone has internet connection.  

Video recording

CCTV camera footage can be stored in a MicroSD card by default. However, the maximum storage supported in a microSD storage card is 256GB. Besides the micro SD storage, the camera can be configured to store CCTV footage on cloud. Cloud storage providers usually charge a reasonable annual fee which can be adjusted depending on the storage space requirement.

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Intelligent Motion detection

The cameras has intelligent motion detector feature that follows movement of the object in focus. When it detects motion, the camera will pan and tilt towards the direction of the detected object. And, as the object moves, so will the camera tilt in the direction as it follows the movement. This feature is particularly important during intrusion. As the surveillance system sends alerts, a sounder will be produced. The intruders will be captured even as they try to run away from roving eye of the camera.

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Privacy mode

The Wi-Fi cameras in Kenya are commonly used as nanny cameras. So working parents can monitor how the nanny is taking of the baby while away at the office. Therefore, when parents come back home and require some privacy, the privacy mode feature can be enabled through the smartphone app. When the privacy mode feature is enabled, the lens to the security camera will shut. So no more video feeds can be captured with the lens closed. And this feature can be disabled once again when the parents leave the house for work. The feature allows users to be in charge of the level privacy required.

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Security app for viewing cameras remotely

Once the free app has been installed in the smartphone, the user can control and manage the Wi-Fi camera very easily from anywhere. A security password will only be set once at the time of installation. More users can be added by the super user to allow viewing of the wireless camera CCTV on multiple devices.

nanny cameras in Kenya

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Centralized management of multiple wireless cameras

In as much as the Wi-Fi cameras are designed to work independently, several cameras can be configured to be managed centrally through the network video recorder (NVR).  So instead of having several cameras running on various apps in the phone, it makes sense to consolidate the viewing of cameras to one application. The other advantage of managing several CCTV cameras centrally through the NVR, is that the NVR can offer more storage space. As matter of fact, the NVR can support storage for up to 16 terabytes of space.

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Our frequently asked questions segment

As we conclude, below are some of the frequently asked questions from our clients.

To begin with some might ask, is wireless CCTV better than wired? Well, in terms of network connectivity wired connection tend to be more stable compared to the Wi-Fi connection. Be that as it may, wired connection will be more expensive because of the structured cabling installation. Cabling installing require more time and money considering the Ethernet cable will has to be purchased and installer paid separately. In this regard Wi-Fi camera is less expensive.

And another question could how do wireless CCTV cameras get power? Wireless cameras are usually powered through power adapters plugged into sockets. However, most of these Wi-Fi cameras come with rechargeable batteries that can power them for months.

Lastly, do wireless cameras work without internet? In as much as wireless cameras have inbuilt capability to connect to the internet, they do not necessarily require internet connection to function. Nonetheless, internet connectivity will be required especially if the wants to access CCTV video feeds remotely.

Two way audio communication

As a standard most nanny cameras only support one way audio sound through the inbuilt microphone. Hence, the recorded video feed comes with audible sound. However, the more advanced nanny cameras support two way audio communication. This is because these superior nanny cameras have both microphone and speaker built-in.

Now, with the microphone and speaker, your child or the nanny into the camera and you will hear clearly through the smartphone app. This feature makes the camera ideal for outdoor installation so that your visitors can speak to you.  Exactly the way a door intercom system functions.  

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