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Organizations require an automated system for managing endpoint security. Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is designed to enable organizations to benefit from automatic risk discovery, endpoint isolation, and threat remediation. By installing the best endpoint protection software, your organization will be assured of protection against loss of data and confidential information.

Bitdefender has an inbuilt technology that reduces risk exposure, even as it hardens the endpoint attack surface. In fact, the technology relies on artificial intelligence to improve performance when it comes to threat detection. Accurate threat discovery will enable faster response from the IT administrators. In doing so, hackers will be stopped from stealing confidential information or proprietary data.

Features of the Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Network defense

Corporate networks require additional protection against network exploits. And, attackers understand every network has a form of vulnerability that can be exploited. All network vulnerabilities and security loopholes that exist need to be sealed. Otherwise, brute attacks can easily be launched directly into the corporate network. In spite of the endpoint security, the Sophos network firewall will still play a key role as it offers the most advanced web and content security.

Endpoint protection

All endpoint devices require round-the-clock protection against malware attacks. The layered protection technology ensures that computer processes and applications are monitored all day every day. Any compromised application will be quarantined and cleaned. Still, all the other endpoints will get intelligence regarding any suspicious app activity.

Web-based protection platform

Running protection services from a web-based platform ensures creates efficiency in the administration of endpoint security services. Hence, no need to have a dedicated server to manage all computers within a network. This will enable organizations to save on capital expenditure towards acquiring expensive servers. From the central console, IT security administrators can manage the security of all computers from a single account. As a matter of fact, GravityZone technology was designed to simplify IT support. It enables the IT support team to initiate virus scanning, software updates, and patch deployment remotely.

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Software security

For a very long time, the focus on endpoint security has been limited to hardware. That is, scanning external hard drives and USB storage devices. Today, there has been a serious need to focus on software security. Software security involves scanning vulnerabilities before the software can be installed on a server, desktop or laptop computer. Also, all updates and upgrades must be scanned to ensure that the software updates and firmware upgrades meet the outlined corporate IT security standards.

The Central console

Be that as it may, installing and managing Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security has simplified IT security work. After creating the administrator console, all the connected endpoint devices will be visible. Hence, the administrator can then install the protection software remotely from a centralized account.

When the setup is done correctly, IT security will be managed in a highly automated environment. The administrator can rest assured that no malware or virus attacks can successfully penetrate the network. The same applies to protect the IP PBX phone system from hackers. Likewise, protection features like advanced anti-malware technology, device control will be set on active mode throughout.

Furthermore, automatic updates ensure that all computers connected to the network remain protected all the time. Even for those endpoints that sometimes can be offline, the updates will automatically install as soon as the internet is connected is restored.

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