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Countries all over the world are becoming more prosperous. Thanks to globalization, ease of international business, and cross-border trade. The result, better living standards. What is more, people can acquire cars with a lot of ease. Thus, there is a need for a good vehicle parking management system, particularly in Kenya due to space constraints.

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Even though people’s ability to acquire cars has increased, the available parking spaces have remained the same. Matrix has developed a smart vehicle tracking and parking management system that ensures the available parking slots will be put to the most efficient use.

The vehicle tracking and parking management system consists of cctv cameras, controlled by a centralized video management system. First and foremost, the system reduces the incidences of dangerous parking. Secondly, it will be easier to reserve parking loaders or special carriage vehicles. Incidentally, it will be a lot easier to tell the number of available vacant parking spaces in real-time.

Parking Management System Installation Price in Kenya

Price KES 1,770,000
Boom Barriers (one entry and one exit)4.5 meters
Vehicle loop detector yes
Radar vehicle detection yes
LPR Cameras2 cameras
parking managment softwareyes
Cabling Installation and trainingYES

Vehicle barrier system (boom barrier installers in Kenya)

Parking management systems consists of various components. As boom barrier installers in Kenya, we install parking management system in a modular manner so that the client gets only is necessary. The starting point can be a boom barrier installation. Then traffic lights can be integrated with the boom barrier at later time, being an add-on feature.

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Still, the client can choose to install roadway spikes for better security. The roadway spikes can be mounted on the road surface or installed a few inches inside the tarmac according to client preference.

RFID sticker reader machine

This is a vehicle barrier system that supports hands free entry and exit. To begin with, an RFID reader will be installed near the gate point with the capability to read RFID stickers on vehicles at least 8 meters away. The RFID reader antenna will be ideally installed at the vehicle entrance so that a vehicle with RFID sticker will be granted access as it approaches the gate.

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The other RFID reader antenna will be installed at the vehicle exit point, again, so that the gate opens automatically when a vehicle with the RFID sticker draws near. This technology can support an unlimited number of users of the private parking space. The hands free vehicle barrier system is most ideal for gated community residential areas, shopping malls, business parks in Kenya.

Besides being weatherproof, the RFID based vehicle access control system is also waterproof and and extremely reliable installation. Also, it comes with inbuilt software that records vehicle entry and exit for future reference when required.

Intelligent video analytics

Smart video analytics has so much to offer. Firstly, intelligent video analytics simplifies vehicle counting. Smart surveillance systems when used in public utilities such as stadiums, can provide a good platform for efficient resource management. To begin with, intelligent video analytics can be set to count the number of people getting into and out of the facility. Likewise, the technology gathers information about the number of vehicles entering and exiting the same facility.

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Secondly, intelligent video analytics efficient number plate recognition. The video surveillance system has the capability to recognize the vehicle number plate. As for the vehicles using the premises for the first time, the surveillance system captures and stores the captured number plate into the database. The stored information can be used in the future for various functions including parking slot reservations.

Benefits of the Vehicle Parking Management System

Regulate entry of vehicles into the controlled parking area

The intelligent video surveillance system comes with an inbuilt capability for number plate recognition. With this capability, the system can white list as well as blacklist number plates. An integrated vehicle barrier system will be installed at the point of entry. Only vehicles with whitelisted number plates will be allowed into the parking area. Still, the automatic gate opener system can be integrated.

Control parking in restricted areas

The free flow of traffic can be hindered as a result of parking in restricted areas. The intelligent parking video surveillance system will sound a warning to the vehicle owner of the parking restriction. At the same time, security guards will receive real-time notification of the incident. Should the car owner ignore the wrong parking warning alert, the security guards who will have been alerted, will be right there to offer guidance.

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Parking systems for residential apartments

The system allows for prior booking and allocation of parking slots. The booked slot will be reserved for future regular use by a specific car. Thus, the parking slot will be linked to the number plate of that specific car so that the slot can remain reserved. This feature is particularly important for tenants and regular visitors. Therefore, the tenants will have peace of mind that they can always find their parking spot no matter what time of the day.

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At the time of parking, the cameras will read the number plate of the car and compare it with what is in the system. In the event that the vehicle number plate is different from the one in the system, the security guard will receive a notification through SMS. Hence, the car owner will then be guided to a parking spot reserved for visitors.

Preventing dangerous parking

Parking haphazardly has been known to contribute to increased incidences of car accidents. Through the video surveillance system, the personnel at the control center can tell whether the car is parked haphazardly. Immediately a security guard will be dispatched to assist the vehicle owner to park correctly. In any case, this is for the benefit of the car and the car owner.

smart vehicle parking system

Correct vehicle entry and exit routes

The smart vehicle parking system will not be complete without an intelligent method for ensuring there is discipline. Vehicles will be required to strictly use particular points for entry. Likewise, vehicles will be required to strictly use particular points for the exit. In case a car moves in the wrong direction, there will be strobe lights and a warning buzzer to alert the driver.

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In summary, implementing the Smart Vehicle Parking Management System will lead to better management of parking space. This is because the system automatically brings order and discipline in the use of the shared utility.

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Be that as it may, all modern property development requires a smart parking system. The system is most applicable to high-end residential apartments where tenants require reserved parking. Also, the system can be used to manage parking on business premises, malls, and public parking spaces.

The weighbridge surveillance system

Integration with weighbridge application to stop the overloading of goods. To start with, the vehicle enters the designated weighing zone. The system automatically captures the vehicle number plate and assigns the count number. Other details that will be captured for general use include the weight of the cargo and driver details.

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Four can be the ideal number of cameras for the weighbridge surveillance system. The first camera will focus on vehicle number place. The second camera should focus on the container or cargo area. The third should capture the driver’s photo. Lastly, the fourth camera will be trained on the weighing scale. All these cameras have to be integrated with the weighbridge application.

Therefore, when a loaded truck arrives, all four cameras will work simultaneously. Each camera posting into the system the information captured for further processing. Finally, a receipt will be printed capturing the weighing date and time, the weight of cargo, vehicle registration number, and possibly the toll fee applicable. Furthermore, the system automatically generates a unique transaction ID that can facilitate future search and retrieval.  

This automated weighbridge management and processing will be repeated for all the trucks going through the weighing zone. Be that as it may, the solution has brought efficient toll fee collection, eliminating fraud and cheating. The transparency created leads to better customer service and increased revenue collection.

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