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Sophos XGS 107 Price in Kenya

The advent of the internet of things (IoT) and e-commerce solutions present new challenges to merchants and consumers alike. As a Sophos XGS 107 firewall installer in Kenya, our work is to offer you a solution that grows with your business. Presently, everyday businesses face sophisticated attacks from hackers targeting web and applications. Getting effective protection against all these cyber attacks is usually a huge challenge. Incidentally, Sophos Xstream firewall in Kenya leads the way with the perfect remedy. This appliance provides all-around protection including intrusion prevention, anti-spam, applications filter, anti-malware, and web firewall.

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Endpoint devices still remain the number one entry point for hackers. Today, computers get infected through compromised websites and corrupted emails. This is then spread across the network infecting more and more computers. In the process, confidential information is stolen, and users are denied access to their own files. By and large, this is how hackers propagate denial of service attacks within corporate networks. And this calls for all-round protection for active directory services, internet gateways, and the mail servers.

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Be that as it may, Sophos firewalls present an innovative technology that offers protection both at gateway and endpoint levels. The technology fully automates threat detection and elimination functions thus reducing human intervention to policy formulation only. In fact, Sophos XG firewall Kenya provides the best protection technology in the industry. The technology automatically blocks superior threats such as ransomware.

Central orchestrated management console

Sophos Central provides a single platform for managing all endpoints, mobile devices, and servers. It is from the same platform that system administrators assign policies, view reports, and monitor activities of each computer within the network. Email policies, firewall policies, web policies, and wireless network policies are effected centrally across the board.

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The firewalls of yesteryears used to take days to fully set up and install. Security appliance vendors soon realized that firewall installations via command-line prompt actually contributed to reduced sales and revenues. Thus, Sophos XG firewalls are popular due to the simplified deployment process. With the intelligent deployment kits, it takes less than 30 minutes to roll out fully appliance protection modules. Security vendors such as Sophos are always are coming up with creative and innovative tools for server, endpoint, and mobile security. In fact, the network firewall can adequately offer protection even when deployed to run with the standardized security policies. Later on, the infrastructure and security engineers can deploy custom policies according to company requirements.

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Sophos Firewall protection for cloud services

We see digital disruptions across the security industry. Network firewall services and endpoint security is now delivered as a cloud-based subscription. The same digital revolution is happening in the telecommunication industry. Traditionally, office telephone equipment such as an IP PBX and desk phones have been delivered as hardware. However, with digitization, we now have cloud PBX systems as well as softphones. These kinds of innovations require a different approach to effect watertight protection across the board.

Protection against ransomware attacks

Chief Information Security Officers – CISO, need to equip their companies with IT security strategies that deal with an emerging security challenge. With Sophos XGS 107 Firewall, Information Security professionals have access to tools that elevate them to the level of ethical hackers.  The firewall appliance provides protection against USB devices, email phishing, SQL injection attacks, and application. With tools such as deep learning, intercept X protects corporate networks against application exploits and ransomware attacks.

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Advanced threat management

If your mailbox continually receives unsolicited emails from people you do not know. Then you are probably a victim of email spamming. This is your moment to install Sophos firewall protection. As the name suggests, Sophos firewall email protection is a system that secures email accounts from phishing attacks making your inbox spam-free. What is more, with Sophos email gateway users can be protected from identity theft, social engineering attacks, and even pharming attacks.

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The network security system can be implemented as a standalone setup. In which case it will be known as Sophos email appliance. However, the same mail security system can be implemented as part of the unified threat management platform. In this case, it will be known as the anti-spam system.

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The same case is true when deployed as part of the Sophos network firewall services. Hence, during installation and configuration, policies will be created to filter spam emails based on the sender’s reputation. The email filters which basically work through anti-spam service will ensure that all flagged emails are dropped at the gateway level. also, take care of the server room security.

Why you need Sophos XGS 107 firewall

To begin with, this is the only integrated email security solution that assures your organization of protection against phishing attacks. Email spammers tend to target corporate emails with the hope of gathering gaining trust from their would-be victims. As it is, installing this solution protects your email server from spam emails.

Sophos Email Protection

Also, the solution comes integrated with cyber security protection. A feature that ensures that all copyrighted information is not leaked. Furthermore, with data leakage protection, effecting company wide compliance to corporate email usage policy becomes easy. The net effect will be users’ full compliance with email security policy.

Secondly, the Sophos protection enables you to encrypt emails before sending them. The emails will be sent with digital signatures to authenticate the true source. So in the event that the email correspondence involves sensitive information, the recipient will be assured that the content has not been tampered with.

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Thirdly, the mail protection system runs concurrently with the Sophos Sandstorm. The Sandstorm protection will help the mail system to detect email propagated threats, stop the threats entering the corporate network. As a matter of fact, Sandstorm protection excels at managing some of the most evasive threats.

Lastly, the email security system has an on-box reporting interface that offers visibility into user activity, daily mail volume, and other statistical data. From the reporting, the IT Security staff can spot the most notorious endpoint for spamming. Also, trace the source of spamming in the network. The intelligence gathered can inform policy changes to strengthen the overall protection environment.

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How the Sophos firewall appliance works

Sophos network security can be deployed in the local area network infrastructure in two main options. The first option is deployment as an appliance. In this case, you can purchase the physical Sophos appliance and deploy it in the server room at your premises. The second option is deployment as a virtual appliance. In this case, you can set up the system in a virtualized environment such as the VMware platform.

The network security system has two key users. The first user type is the system administrator. They have system management rights. The rights include the ability to create new accounts, modify and update existing accounts and even delete the accounts created. The second user type is the help desk. They can manage quarantined and spam emails. Also, they have access to reports and can use the inbuilt help system to resolve any problem detected.

On the initial setup, email server addresses have to be assigned. The next step is the policy configurations. The policies created will help to manage incoming mail messages as well as outgoing emails. In short, these rules will outline procedures on how emails with file attachments are handled, how encrypted emails are decrypted. Also, the policies outline what action can be taken for suspicious emails containing Trojans and viruses. see; automatic gate installer

Once the Sophos XGS 107 firewall appliance has been set up, it can be integrated with a directory e.g. Microsoft active directory. The integration will help in producing rich reports so that instead of generating reports based on IP addresses, you can also get user-based reports.

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