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An automatic gate system is a form of access control for managing traffic into and out of a private residential premise or a business premise. The Centurion gate motors are some of the most reliable long-lasting and easy to install gate automation kits. What is more, Centurion has solutions tailored for swing gates as well as sliding gates.

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Still, the gate automation kit variants can serve the lightweight domestic gates and the heavy-duty industrial gates.

centurion gate opener Kenya

Types of Centurion Gate motors

  • The Centurion Vantage 500 swing gate motor
  • The Centurion D5-Evo sliding gate motor

The Vantage 500 swing gate motor

To begin with, the Centurion Vantage 500 swing gate motor is a popular gate automation kit for swing gates. Indeed, the vantage 500 motor is easy to install and easy to maintain. Specifically, the gate automation kit suitable for lightweight domestic gates as well as heavy-duty industrial gates.

Furthermore, the Centurion swing gate motor incorporates the Quadra-Drive technology. In a like manner, it ensures that the gate starts smoothly and even closes quietly without banging. Besides automatic gates, we do install door access control systems.

Centurion swing gate motor

Specifications of the Centurion vantage 500 swing gate motor

  • Maximum gate weight: 750Kg
  • Electronic collisions sensors
  • Manual override
  • Multichannel onboard receiver
  • Weatherproof casing 
  • Anti-crush control safety sensors
  • Secure locking technology built based on the centrifugal braking system
  • The ultra-secure remote control device
  • Inbuilt anti-ambush alarm system
  • Heavy-duty workhorse motor
  • Gate phone intercom
  • Infrared beams

Main features of the Centurion vantage 500 swing gate motor

Bidirectional gate movement

Support for bidirectional gate motion a very important factor. That is, the gate can be configured to swing inward or outward depending on the practical convenience of the client.

Automatic speed control

The gate operators have the inbuilt capability to control the speed of the gate; by accelerating and decelerating smoothly. Furthermore, the gate can be configured to open at different speeds.

Anti-crush safety feature

This safety feature ensures that the gate will not crush into a stalled car or a person standing on the way. The safety feature will sense the obstruction keeping the gate on hold until the object obstructing movement has been removed.

Integrated with an intruder alarm system

The beam sensors can be installed to function as an integrated intruder alarm system to boost residential security or of the business premise. In the event of an illegal intrusion, the alarm can be triggered to alert security personnel with ease.

Backup battery

The Centurion vantage motor can still offer excellent service even without connection to direct power. Moreover, solar power can be connected in areas with no live electric power grid.

All weatherproof casing

Centurion swing gate motors are manufactured to endure the tough outdoor environment. As a matter of fact, the outer casing built from steel and coated with aluminum for an extended lifespan.

Wireless operation from a remote control device

The gate automation kit consists of a remote control device. The remote control communicates with the onboard multi-channel receiver to enable wireless control of the gate system.

The D5-EVO sliding gate motor

The second type of gate automation kit is the Centurion D5 EVO sliding gate motor which was designed to automate sliding gates. Be that as it may, the D5-Evo is a major upgrade from the D10 motor. Apart from being the most reliable, durable, and highly dependable sliding gate motor. In other words, the Centurion D5 is now much smarter. And, it incorporates very innovative features such as the ChronoGuard timer, the gate intercom, and backup memory modules.

Centurion gate motors

Furthermore, the D5 Evo sliding gate motor incorporates an anti-break-in alarm security system. Therefore, will alert security personnel when either the opening or closing beam gets interrupted. Hence, the gate automation system offers an extra service of keeping the intruders away.

Specifications of the Centurion D5 EVO sliding gate motor

  • Maximum gate weight: 500Kg
  • Electronic collision sensors
  • Receiver type: onboard multi-channel receiver 
  • Motor voltage rating: 12V DC
  • Manual override  
  • Maximum gate length: 100 meters
  • Standard gate speed range: 18 to 22 m/min
  • Power supply rating:  12V, 7Ah
  • Receiver frequency: 433MHz
  • Beam sensors to guide gate opening and closing
  • Anti-break-in alarm system
  • The steel rack

Main features of the Centurion D5 EVO sliding gate motor

Backup battery

The sliding gate automation kit comes with a backup battery that kicks in automatically whenever there is a power failure. The backup battery ensures that there will be a normal gate function despite a power blackout. Furthermore, the motor can be powered by solar in areas with no electricity.

The speed factor

The D5 EVO motor can slide a lightweight industrial gate at an extremely short duration of 12 seconds. The acceleration and deceleration speeds at which the gate uses to slide from the edge and back can be adjusted to meet customer preferences.

Remote control

The sliding gate motor has an onboard multi-channel receiver. The secure communication between the receiver and the remote controller ensures that signal jamming never happens. The system works as a high-level access control system.

Infrared beam sensors

Safety is a key feature of the slinging gate motor. The infrared sensors will detect any obstruction as the gate slides. This safety feature ensures that the get does not cause damage by crashing into objects as it moves along the rack.

Wireless operation

It comes with a remote control device that communicates with the onboard receiver. Apart from being a safety measure, the use of LED remote brings about convenience.

The ChronoGuard timer

This unique feature enables a user to program pillar light to switch on automatically at sunset and switch off at sunrise. In fact, no human intervention. Indeed, the onboard timer can be programmed such that only specific remote devices will operate at particular hours or days. For instance, set the workers or children remote not to work at night, etc.

Gate intercom

At any rate, the intercom system can be used by visitors to call in before gaining entry into the compound. In any case, the gate intercom phone feature enhances personal security and privacy.

We Supply and install Centurion gate motors: the Centurion Vantage 500 swing gate motor; the D5-Evo sliding gate motor in Kenya. More importantly, we provide other innovations including the VoIP telephone system.

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