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Electric gate repair and maintenance in Kenya

You might ask how often does an automatic gate needs servicing. Ideally, automatic gate repair and maintenance should be done every six months. But scheduling it for an annual servicing is also fair enough. As a best practice, electric gates have to be scheduled for periodical maintenance. This will not only decrease wear and tear but also increase overall efficiency. The end result is an efficient working automatic gate system with a prolonged lifespan.

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Some of the key components of the automatic gate opener system that must be serviced during the year include the power supply unit, gate motors, the photocells/the beam sensors. Why are the beam sensors so critical? The sensors are what keep your vehicles from being damaged whenever the gate swings back into position. The same sensors play a critical role in the sliding gate setup as well.

Should the beam sensor malfunction, there will be nothing to communicate to the controller that there is an object within the line of sight. Hence, there will be a likelihood that the gate will damage any object within the barrier as the gate swings or slides back its weight into position.

Automatic gate repair and servicing

How to fix automatic gate issues without calling a technician

Even though, it is recommended that you call a technician as soon as you notice the electric gate system is malfunctioning. Nonetheless, there are simple do it yourself quick fixes in the case of minor gate opener issues.

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As you may have realized, the remote control device uses a battery to get power. The obvious sign it is operational is the indicator light when you press to open or close the gate. Later in the year, should the remote controller fail to open or close the gate, the problem could probably be the battery. Thus, you need to rush to the nearest shop in the neighborhood and get a replacement. If the problem persists even after replacing the batteries, then contact the automatic gate installers immediately.

What do you do when the gate is opened and will not close? First thing, check if the power supply is working. Power it up should you find it accidentally switched off. Should the gate fail to open or close despite the power supply is on, then you need to use the emergency release key. The next thing would be to switch the automatic gate motor to the manual operation mode. And the technician is contacted soonest possible.

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Be that as it may, you will realize that knowledge of how the emergency release key works can be very important. This is particularly important in the event of a power blackout. Therefore, remember to ask the electric gate installer technician to show you how to use the emergency release key in case of a power blackout.

How to get the most out of the automatic gate repair and maintenance contract

Experienced automatic installers would recommend that an automatic gate repair and maintenance contract should follow as soon as the guarantee period elapses. Having a service level contract will not only prove to be cost-effective but also convenient for the client.

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Without an automatic gate repair and maintenance contract in place, the client will sometimes be forced to engage different contractors for the automatic gate repairs leading to increased maintenance costs. The maintenance contract is basically a service level agreement that commits the electric installer to agreed standards of service.

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By agreeing to work with a service contract, the turnaround time will shorter. That is, between when a fault is reported to the time action is taken becomes predictable. On the other hand, it will not be easy to know the time taken before the technician responds to the actual gate issues if you decide to work with freelance automatic gate contractors.

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The other important factor is who buys the faulty parts. If it is a labor only contract, then the client will be forced to bear the burden of purchasing an automatic gate part that requires replacement. However, if the service contract is comprehensive, the contractor will supply and install everything as and when needed. Though slightly expensive, it is less of a headache to the client.

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The Electric Gate Opener System

You might ask why it is necessary to automate the gate system. The answer is in safety and convenience. To start with, an automatic gate makes work easier for security personnel. So instead of the security personnel just waiting at the gate to open and close it, he can be empowered to do more engaging work. When the gate is automated, the officer will have more energy area surveillance. Secondly, personal safety and the security of your loved ones is enhanced through gate automation.

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